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Friday OAP & Disabled Open Match - Partridge Lakes Fishery

Your Name:* Partridge Lakes Fishery 
Email:* This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Match/Event Name:* Friday OAP & Disabled Open Match 
Date (dd/mm/yyyy):* 09.06.17
Location of Match:* Covey 1 & 5
Number of Pegs/Anglers:* 23
Report: Winner Chris caught on pellet down the edge to start & then he fished caster shallow, This is a hat trick of Friday wins in a row for Chris Weeder Snr! 

Top 3 Anglers & Weights:



Chris Weeder Snr
Lbs 124
Oz 12

Runner Up:

Eddie Battersby 
Lbs 102
Oz 10

Third Place:

John Warburton 
Lbs 97
Oz 07


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