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Match Fishing March 2018 Featured

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Open the ‘window’ to better bream fishing.

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When fishing at long range for big slabs, Dynamite Baits’ Ian Smith reckons the window feeder is a tactic that takes some beating…

With ‘traditional’ feeders you used to have the choice of either a blockend (maggot) feeder or an open-ended one. These days there sits in the middle what is known as a window feeder.



Canal Fishing Made Easy

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Simon Willsmore visits the Grand Union Canal to show how a few simple baits are all you need for a brilliant session. 

Faced with a canal full of fish, it could be very easy to get a little confused as to how best to approach the venue. All manner of baits can work and various species can be targeted but there is a simple path to a great day, thanks to two simple baits. 





Ten Of The Best – Bomb And Bread

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When the weather turns arctic Cadence Fishing headman James Robbins doesn’t stay at home, instead, he just heads for the river and catches some chub.




The King Of Castle

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Alan Donnelly has been on fire this winter with an incredible run of form. We had to find out what keeps him catching!




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