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Back Of The Net! Introducing the new range of nets brought to you by Matrix.

The recent rebranding over at Matrix has seen a host of items in its catalogue get a revamp over the past few months, with plenty of fresh new additions as well.

We had a good glimpse at many of the new products on offer at the recent trade show that Matrix held, with plenty of standout products on display. One area of the show that grabbed our attentions was over at the net display. That may seem a little strange, with the likes of the brand-new S36 Superbox being flaunted, but for some reason the team here at Match Fishing magazine are real fiends for nets! Firstly, the range of landing nets on display had us impressed. Something for everyone, it would seem, with two different sizes in each of five new styles of net. All of the nets feature a strong spreader block and are made from 100 per cent polyester, that is, apart from the rubber net, which uses polyethylene. A nice feature is the soft over-frame mesh that gives minimum abrasion risk on your line rubbing over the frame when landing a fish, an important feature that will ensure rig damage is vastly reduced.

The range includes specific nets for carp on commercial fisheries, nets suitable in conjunction with hair rigs and even nets designed for when barbed hooks are being used on canals and rivers. On the keepnet front there are four options in the range. All have longevity in mind with the use of anti-abrasion protection on every ring, a must when shallow margins and dragging big weights of fish up the bank are involved.

Heavy-duty polycarbonate rings are also used to ensure the net stays in good nick even when pulling the bottom rings through the top during weigh-ins. The Carp Keepnet comes in two sizes, either three or four metres, while there is also a compact 2.5m variation that offers a good option when multiple keepnets are needed and space is at a premium. Each net features strong, fish-safe carp mesh and a dual-position angle connection. The final net in the Matrix line-up is a designated River Keepnet.

At four metres in length it is perfect even when located high off the water. As well as many of the features listed above, the keepnet uses strong 6mm ‘flow-through’ mesh – something that helps to reduce the net’s resistance in flowing water, ensuring it stays pinned in one place rather than being dragged around by the tow. In the market for new keepnets, a landing net, or both? The new range from Matrix is well worth taking a look at!

Carp Landing Net • Fish-safe soft mesh • Strong frame and spreader block • Easy-scoop design RRP: £10.99 (50cm x 40cm) RRP: £11.99 (55cm x 45cm) Silver Landing Net  • Fish-safe soft mesh • Larger mesh panel for faster netting • Available in two sizes RRP: £10.99 (45cm x 35cm) RRP: £11.99 (50cm x 40cm) Fine Mesh Landing Net • Ultra-fine fish-safe mesh • Lightweight frame • Perfect for hair rigs and bait bands RRP: £10.99 (45cm x 35cm) RRP: £11.99 (50cm x 40cm) Supa Lite FreeFlow Landing Net • Free-flow anti-snag mesh • Ideal for use with barbed hooks • Lightweight frame RRP: £10.99 (45cm x 35cm) RRP: £11.99 (50cm x 40cm)   Rubber Landing Net • Strong frame and spreader block • Quick drying • Available in two sizes RRP: £12.99 (45cm x 35cm) RRP: £13.99 (50cm x 40cm)   Carp Keepnet 3m & 4m • Strong fish-safe carp mesh • Heavy-duty polycarbonate rings • Width 50cm x 40cm RRP: £49.99 (3m) RRP: £64.99 (4m) River Keepnet 4m • Strong 6mm ‘flow-through’ mesh • Full anti-abrasion protection on each ring
• Width 50cm x 40cm RRP: £64.99 Compact Keepnet 2.5m • Compact design for use with multiple nets or silver fish • Strong fish-safe carp mesh • Width 45cm x 35cm RRP: £44.99


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