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Matchcraft Six-Leg Barrow Platform System

A Platform for success! “It will accommodate most modern seatboxes and gives you plenty of loading space to carry all the kit to your swim in one trip.” Match Fishing puts the latest platform and borrow system from Matchcraft in the spotlight!

Today’s matchmen typically carries a lot more gear than they used to, especially those who fish on the increasingly popular natural-venue scene. Rivers, canals and large open waters have seen a real boom of anglers recently, with events such as RiverFest, the Feeder Masters and the Drennan Knockout Cup holding high-profile matches on them.

In cases such as these there are two items of tackle that anglers are rarely seen without – a platform and a barrow! The latest addition to the already popular Matchcraft platform and barrow system has been made to the most demanding match angler’s specification. It comprises a six-leg platform made from super-high-quality aluminium. The legs are all 25 millimetres in diameter and 500 millimetres long, fitted with wide mudfeet that will prevent you sinking in any mud or silt on the bankside or in the margins of lakes. These mudfeet are made from the same aluminium and also swivel to be easily positioned on sloping banks. The fact that the platform has six legs makes it extra stable, and even when they are fully extended, with the weight of an angler and his seatbox on it, it quite simply doesn’t budge. The legs are also extendable by adding the 250mm-long extenders. These have a solid thread system that enables the legs to be extended without losing any stability, perfect for deeper wading or tricky swims where you may need to place the front legs of the platform into deep margins.

Four of these leg extensions are provided with the platform package as standard, but they are also available extra at £24.99 per pair. Plus, 800mm leg extenders are also available. The legs are secured in place with steel knuckles that are easy to grip and tighten or loosen. These also feature a ratchet system that allows you to position the grip handles wherever you want, even when they have been tightened. This is extra handy for transportation because you can position these to help you pack the platform comfortably into your vehicle. The barrow arms clamp securely under the back of the barrow and have easy-grip handles. The wheel assembly fits solidly under the platform, secured by heavy-duty screws and washers. The wheel is strong, and its large size means it can easily be pushed over rough or muddy terrain. The size of the platform at 870mm x 720mm means that it will accommodate most modern seatboxes and gives you plenty of loading space to carry all the kit to your swim comfortably in a single trip.

RRP: £399
Where can you get one?
Benwick Sports is the UK distributor for Matchcraft products and has an excellent delivery service. You can buy the system in the shop or online at www.benwick-sports.co.uk.



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