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Daiwa orange Hydro commercial F1 elastic

Bright & Beautiful! Tom Scholey has a new favourite commercial F1 elastic – it’s very bright and very effective!

If there is one area of my commercial fishing tackle that I am getting increasingly choosy about, it is hollow elastic. I have found lately that some of it seems to last much better in your pole than others, and brands don’t seem to have any bearing on how long it lasts. For example, one size of a particular elastic from a particular brand often lasts really well, while the next size up or down wears out in no time. Firstly, the ones that don’t wear out: Preston Innovations 8 Dura Hollo, standard red 11 Hollo and 13 Hollo; Daiwa white and black Hydro also seem very good… but the standout elastic of 2016 so far for me is definitely the Daiwa orange Hydro. This is relatively new on the market, and when I first saw it, it was pouring out of Andy Bennett’s top kit as he steered a large F1 towards his waiting net.

It is very, very soft on the strike – making it perfect for fishing in shallow water or edge fishing. I always like to set my elastic so it goes back into the top kit comfortably, but even with it set fairly pingy like this, loads comes out when you manage to hook into a fish! The nice thing about the elastic is that it powers up very quickly, though – when you change the angle of your top kit it has a lot more power than most other soft hollow elastics on the market. I would say it feels more like a 10 or a 12 when it comes to the netting stage than a 6 or 8. It is also incredibly hard wearing.

I have had some in several of my kits for around six months now, and although I have had to change the dacrons on a couple of top kits, it’s among the most resilient elastic I have ever used. A few top anglers (and not all Daiwa sponsored) have said it is the best F1 elastic that they have ever used, and I am inclined to agree with them. But where does it fit in my armoury, what does it replace, and what other elastics do I need alongside it? To me, it is not as light as Preston’s No8 Dura Hollo, which I think is lovely for commercial silver fish, and not quite as beefy as white Hydrolastic and Preston 11 Hollo, which are my two elastics for match-sized carp. Orange Hydro plugs the gap perfectly, and is my go-to elastic for F1s and small carp. If you are after a great all-round commercial elastic that won’t wear quickly and let you down, you simply have to take a look at this…


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