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Guru Pure Fluorocarbon

The use of fluorocarbon has become increasingly common in match fishing of late, having various uses.

The release of Pure by Guru has seen a real quality line hit the market, and one that anglers are already raving about.

Firstly, Pure offers the ideal hooklength material for light pole rigs. In diameters from 0.08mm, 0.10mm and 0.12mm, it provides a strong, twist-free material that is almost invisible underwater. In the bigger sizes, from 0.14mm upwards, it can be used for hooklengths for carp for both pole and rod and line work. Pure ranges right up to 0.30mm, and can be used for shockleaders when fishing the Method or bomb, to help pin the line to the deck behind your bomb or feeder thanks to its high weight and density.

Sizes available: 0.08mm to 0.30mm RRP: £4.99

RRP: £4.99


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