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Clever Compacta

Compacta Method Mould


Middy’s Compacta Method Mould makes easy work of loading the perfect Method feeder every time.


As match anglers, we are always looking for an edge, something to give us those extra few per cent between being an also-ran and getting results. This can be something obvious – choosing the best bait on a certain day, for example – but sometimes it is not quite as clear cut. More and more we hear top anglers highlighting the importance of efficiency and how this is often the most important edge.

The Compacta Mould from Middy is a product that would definitely fall into the category of efficient. It features a clever press-release design that allows the user to operate with one hand, loading Middy Gripper Feeders and other brands of Method feeder with the perfect amount of pellets or groundbait every time.

Its design allows for a hassle-free, quick and efficient solution to loading a Method feeder, and while there are products on the market that do this well already, the Compacta Mould from Middy is a product that will definitely aid anglers that use it.

Available in small and large sizes to complement the size of Method feeder being used, the mould will suit any scenario, whether that be needing a lot of bait going in on really good days or a smaller amount on those slightly harder days.

A problem that affects the usability of other Method moulds is their tendency for bait to stick to them or difficulty in releasing from the mould. We were impressed by the Compacta Mould’s non-stick base that allows for the bait to be released perfectly intact and moulded to the feeder every time – in a match, this could mean extra fish in the net!

Each Compacta Mould includes a free Middy Gripper Feeder, which are also available separately in four sizes – small 20g and 30g, and large 30g and 45g – as well as a Middy Quick Bead.

With an SRP of £5.99 and separate Gripper Feeders at £1.99, they are certainly competitively priced.


How to use the Middy Compacta Mould:

1 mf auug mould review
1) Load your hook bait into the middle of the mould. To present your bait at the top of the feed, load it first. If you want it in the middle, add a sprinkling of pellets/groundbait to the mould first.

2 mf aug 16 moulds
2) Ensure your line runs out of the mould following the grooves (as shown).

3 mf aug review mould
3) Load the mould with your softened pellets or groundbait.

4 mf aug 16 review moulds
4) Use the sides of the mould to gauge how much bait to add.

5 mf aug reviews moulds
5) Take the Method feeder in your free hand and press into the centre of the mould.

6 mf aug 16 review moulds
6) Using the handles, hold the mould between your index and middle finger with your thumb on the button.

7 mf aug 16 reviews mould
7) Using your other hand, cradle the bottom of the mould (ready to catch the Method feeder) and press the button to release. 

8 mf aug review moulds
8) There you have it! A perfectly loaded Method feeder every time!


Compacta Mould – SRP: £5.99

Gripper Feeders – RRP: £1.99


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