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Designed with the help of the famous Ultimate Barnsley Blacks match team, this carryall, along with the rest of the range, has been manufactured from superb quality materials.

A super-tough mono that has been developed with carp bagging in mind.

A superb reel line available in four sizes.

Available in 0.08mm, 0.10mm and 0.12mm

This quality set of wagglers offers unbelievable value for money!

These unique pellets have a jelly-like consistency and stay on the hook well.

The perfect solution to storing your catapults, this catty bag is made from durable material and keeps the catapults out of sunlight, which prevents your elastic from perishing.

RRP: £4.99
This fully waterproof EVA net bag is just the right size for comfortably storing two keepnets and a couple of landing nets.
This 50in umbrella has a quality PU coating for prolonged performance.
This is perhaps the largest barrow/platform on the market and is ideal for anglers who carry lots of gear or need a large platform for natural venues.
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Home Made Cage Feeders

small cage feeders

Xitan Advance 26-2

xitan browning

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