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Further to recent exploratory discussions Frenzee and Marukyu are pleased to announce that from December they will work in co-operation in some key areas - primarily sales and marketing.

Tim Wildermoth, Frenzee Sales and Marketing Manager says

“We are excited to be able to announce this co-operation between ourselves and Marukyu a global partner.

On looking deeper into the possibilities, it became clear that there were so many ways we would improve our range and service to customers.

Combine this with the increased distribution and marketing opportunities and its cost-effective nature, it made allot of sense to work closer together.

From December across most areas of the country customers will find it easier to talk about Marukyu and Frenzee products as our sales people will offer both company ranges, so significantly improving service levels to more customers and creating greater awareness and instore availability for the angler.”

Howard Kaye, Marukyu Europe Ltd. National Sales & Marketing Manager echoed Tim’s statement by saying

“I am delighted to be working alongside Frenzee. Their cutting-edge product range and their ongoing product development marries up perfectly with our extensive and proven range of baits.

The association of two leading brands is exciting both for our companies and the angling consumer in general.”

An exciting partnership in the works!

Marukyu, a Japanese manufacturer of high-quality baits and eco-friendly fishing products, is excited to announce the launch of their brand-new range of high-quality groundbaits for natural venue anglers. 

Marukyu is renowned for their high-quality fishing baits and, after working with some of the UK’s top natural venue anglers, have created an extensive range of groundbaits to cover a wide variety of venues, species and techniques.

The new range consists of seven different natural groundbaits, which is available to buy in 2kg and 4kg bags:

Big River




Spiced Breach Punch (1kg bags only)

Fishmeal Bream


Currently being rolled out in tackle shops across the UK, the groundbaits have already generated a big reaction among pro and pleasure anglers, and have begun to enhance their fishing experiences at natural venues. Because of this, Marukyu have started developing additional baits for their natural range, which are expected to be launched later in the year.

Howard Kaye, National Sales Manager, explains why these new groundbaits have been developed by Marukyu’s UK division:

“We have recently been working with some of the UK’s top natural venue anglers and learning about some of the difficulties they face when fishing at natural venues. Based on this research, and seeing a gap in the market, we have created an extensive range of high quality natural groundbaits to cover a wide variety of venues, species and techniques. They have been developed to mix quickly and easy, straight from the bag, and are perfect for any natural venue angler.”

For more information about Marukyu Europe and its range of natural groundbait, please visit www.marukyu.co.uk or call 01269 833030.

On Saturday, it was second and final day of our venture to Alders Farm Fishery and this time it was on The Match Lake "Ash". After speaking to Trevor Price, the Fishery manager and local expert, he informed me that the fishing would be alot better than the previous day, he wasn't wrong!

Marukyu backed angler Martin Stokes reports back from the Alders Farm Fishery in Milton Keynes...


On Friday I fished the beautiful Alders Farm Fishery in Milton Keynes, for me it was the first time at Alders. The venue itself is a stunning place that is full of carp. 

The match was a special event for all the Pro Staff and sponsored anglers at Marukyu. 

The lake for the day was called Pines, and I drew peg 17, which meant nothing to me, with pretty much every peg in on the lake I knew the fishing would be slightly hard. 

Started the match fishing 15m on the pole shallow, about 18 inches deep fishing a banded 6mm Marukyu Focus Pellet flavoured with Amino Scopex feeding 6mm Fishery pellets again flavoured with Amino Scopex. I had a good start putting a few small carp in the net, over the next hour the wind start to increase blowing strongly to my left, I could tell that my peg was fading as the carp started following the wind to the other end of the lake. 

Three Hours into the match it was clear that my area of the lake didn't stand a chance of winning the lake as many top class anglers were struggling for a bite. 

The few carp that were in the peg stopped feeding completely, at this point I decided to pick up my feeder rod, with small pellet feeder loaded with soaked 2mm pellets and a little Marukyu Pellet Skrunch Groundbait and a couple of dead red amino maggots.

Luckily my peg had a small island with a few overhanging trees, so looked a perfect feature for holding a few sneaky carp. 

I spent the last couple of hours, nicking the odd fish odd fish on the pellet feeder, it was hard work casting tight under the tree in a strong crosswind, but them carp were hiding under it and wouldn't move. Have to admit I was fishing the squirrels a few times. 

I Decided to have a few a chucks with the "New Marukyu 4 Bands" that were given out before the match and have say that they are a little bit special, so keep your out for when the get released in a few weeks. 

Come the end of the match, apart from my casting skills being a little rusty I was pleased and didn't feel like the peg was worth much more. I weighed 67lb 13oz, which was the best weight from my end of the lake and was good enough for 4th overall with the top three weights all coming from the other end of the lake where the wind was blowing. 

FB IMG 1495839062099 2

I Have to save, even though the fishing was hard, it was a great event at a stunning venue, and was a pleasure to meet some of the new lads that have joined Marukyu this year. The match was covered by Tom Scholey at Catch More Media so keep your eyes out for the short film that will be released in a few weeks! 


Tight lines 

Martin Stokes 

On Saturday I had a trip to Fir Tree Fisheries in wigan, to take part in one of the charity qualifiers in association with Adlington Angling centre and Adlington Angling Club to help raise money for Christies. 

Fir Tree is a venue I had only fished once before, about 6 years ago, and had a shocker to honest. Today I drew peg 34 which meant nothing, with alot of anglers fishing, I knew fishing the far bank at 16m on the pole would probably be my best bet of catching a few. 

DSC 0232 martin stokes april blog 2

Started across on an Marukyu's Amino Focus 6mm pellet, feeding Fishery pellets flavour with a bit of Marukyu's Scopex Amino, within minutes I hooked a 4lb mirror which I lost at the net, the next few hours were slow, nicking to odd small carp and a few stocky F1s, but nothing over a pound. 

Started a couple maggot lines in the track and down the edge in hope of lining up some silverfish, but it only produce one small chub, 

Made the choice to just fish pellets for the rest of the match. Had a dob across on pellet and caught 3 mirrors, but then nothing. I could see a few anglers starting to catch a few stocky F1s, so started feeding some micros and 6mms, across again at 16m in a different swim, had a steady last hour catching about 35 stockies, to finish the match with 50lb 14oz, which was good enough for 2nd in the match, that carp I lost at the start cost me the win. The winner had a cracking net of silvers which went 52lb, so well done that man. I did qualify for the final but can't make it because I'm on holiday. Well done to all the lads who ran the match, it was a pleasure being part of the event and hope you carry on raising money for such a good charity and best of luck to all the finalist  


Words & Images by Martin Stokes

Angler's Name

Weight (lbs/oz)

Peg # / Lake

Leigh Hodgkinson (Marukyu)


68 (Adams)

Andrew Bailey (Daiwa Dons)


42 (Island)

Martin Wood (Markham Main)


80 (Adams)

Liam Miller (Barnsley Bait & Tackle / Frenzee)


47 (Adams)

Luke Hawksworth (Colmic Woodlands)


36 (Adams)

Andrew Fulleylove


69 (Adams)

David Burley (Hayfield Lakes)


12 (Island)

Kevin Smith


81 (Adams)

The second Mega Match This qualifier in as many days marked another sell out event at Maver Hayfield Lakes. Conditions on the day were mixed with temperatures overnight dropping as low as 3°C coupled with period of bright warm sunshine later in the afternoon. Fishing on the day was extremely difficult with many anglers catching just odd fish. That said, however, despite the weights being relatively low, it was an incredibly close match which, going into the final hour, anyone could have won.

Next to book his place in September's final was Marukyu-backed Leigh Hodgkinson. Leigh drew peg 68 on Adams and caught the majority of his weight fishing the pellet waggler landing carp to 10lbs to end proceedings with a modest 64-12-00. Like many on the day, Leigh struggled to find the fish in any numbers, but managed to do enough on the day to secure his place in British Pole Championship final also.

Finishing in second place on the day was Andy Bailey (Daiwa Dons). Following his third place finish from the Glebe on Saturday, Andy Bailey rounded off a successful weekend securing an overall lake win on Island from peg 42. Andy weighed in 58-11-00 of carp caught on pellet shallow.

Third place on the day was taken by Martin Wood (Markham Main) from peg 80 on Adams. Martin's match got off to a slow start with both men either side of him catching well early on. However, Martin managed to find the fish late on fishing the pellet waggler and pellet to depth on the pole to offer 56-02-00 to the scales thus securing his place in this year's British Pole Championship final.

Barnsley Bait & Tackle shop owner Liam Miller (Frenzee) finished in fourth place on the day from peg 47 on Adams. Alternating between pellet on the long pole, bomb and pellet and the pellet waggler, Liam was able to keep fish coming to the net throughout the day to weigh in hard earned 49-09-00.

Fifth place was taken by Luke Hawksworth (Colmic Woodlands), who drew peg 36 on Adams. Like many, Luke found odd carp on the pellet waggler to weigh in 46-11-00 at the end of the five hours.


Mega Match This Grand Finalist: Leigh Hodgkinson

Maver British Pole Championship Qualifiers: Leigh Hodgkinson, Martin Wood and Liam Miller

Last Thursday, I decided to do something a little bit different, and do a feature with the guys from fishing in the northwest. The lads are great and do some great work, helping new anglers gain lots of information and tips on, loads of north-west commercials and natural waters. 

After a bit of discussion, we decided to pay Lloyds Meadow Fishery a visit, the lake we fished was Badger, A lake I fished for the first time only a few weeks ago. This time was decided to go for some of bigger carp in the lake on the pole, now the weather had improved. 

I started the session by mugging a few early at 15m on 6mm Marukyu Focus Pellet banded, but was priming a caster line at 6 meters. 

With an hour of the session gone, I had a look on the caster line, fishing a 3rd of a worm, feeding casters. I had a run of Carp before they backed off.

I started pinging 4mm Focus pellets to prime a shallow line, at 14.5m, caught some big Carp on 6mm Focus pellet. 

I spent the rest of the day alternating the two shallow lines left and right, to allow each swim to settle. Mugging a few cruising munters inbetween. 

Last hour managed a good run of fish on the 6m line shallow again, fishing and feeding 6mm Focus pellets. 

DSC 0200 01

Had a great day catching some nice carp, and ended the session a bit early because my two keepnets were both getting full.

I didn't use a plummet all day, every fish was caught Shallow! 


received 10155253978240962 02



Small 18 hooks to 0.13 line. Fished light even for big Carp 

A long line from pole tip to float was key so you didn't spook the carp. 

Little and often pinging pellets, to draw them into the swim. 



4x14 PR Chianti 

4x12 PR Chianti 

0.2g Drennan Crystal Dipper 


Bait tray for the day

A bag of 4mm Marukyu Focus Pellets 

A bag of 6mm Marukyu Focus Pellets 

A handful of worms 

2 pints of casters


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This time of year the fishing slows right down, and commercial carp and F1s can be really tricky to catch.

On one of my local venues Partridge Lakes Fishery, the method of dopping bread on the pole is working really well. It allows you to search your peg to locate pockets of fish without running the risk of over feeding. A little edge I like to use is to flavour the bread with a little of Marukyu's Super Krill Boost Juice. Krill is definitely my favourite addictive in the colder months and can be used on any baits, pellets, maggots or even bread. The Boost Juice colours the bread red, which is something a bit different from the plain old white loaf and also prevents the bread drying out. Dipping a couple of maggots or even pellet in the Krill Juice can also make a great dopping bait, and definitely worth a try.

Get out there, wrap up, keep warm and get on the Krilliant Dopping!


How to prepare the Krill flavour bread - 


  • Microwave 4 slices of thick white bread for 20-30 seconds until slightly warm.
  • Cut the crust off and flatten each slice using a rolling pin.
  • Squirt both sides of the bread with the super Krill Boost Juice.
  • Rub the flavouring into the bread, and wrap each slice tightly in cling film.

Marukyu is famed for its groundbaits and now you can get that same technology for a much cheaper price!

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