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Sensas Classic Competition Float And Feeder Rods

Match Fishing reviews the all-new 2012 range of rods that’ll be hitting the shops soon. Here’s what’s on offer...

It  was at the Tackle & Guns Trade Show towards the back end of 2011 that we were introduced to Sensas’ latest foray into rods. England team co-manager and Sensas UK boss Mark Downes was raving about them, naturally!
It seems that having succeeded with its poles over the last few years rods were a natural progression, and it was only a matter of time before there was a range of ringed blanks available for Sensas fans.

There are both float and feeder versions available in the Classic Competition range, from 10ft to 13ft, catering for every running-line situation the modern angler is likely to encounter. The slim blanks are finished with green whippings and modern graphics, giving a classy look. Sensas says it has taken three years to perfect the range, and with input from its top anglers you would expect nothing less than perfect tools for the job. Each of the rods is designed to deliver optimum progressive actions with plenty of power to cope with the bigger average stamp of fish in commercial waters these days, while retaining the finesse to cope with light lines and fast bites.

They’re pretty reasonable on the wallet too, with prices starting at £129.99 for the 10ft Feeder, 11ft Carp Float and 12ft Carp Float and topping out at £149.99 for the 13ft Float, 14ft Float, 12ft Carp Float and 13ft Carp Float. There are a host of spare carbon fibre and fibreglass tips available, starting at ¾oz. The glass versions retail at just £9.99 and the carbon ones at £14.99!

The rods are comfortable to hold thanks to the Duplon and cork handles with the high-quality guides helping to preserve your reel line while helping to improve ‘feel’ through the rod when you’re playing fish.

Sensas-backed England Under 22 International Matt Godfrey says: “It’s a versatile range of well-priced rods to cover all match situations. From waggler fishing on rivers to pellet wag on commercials, these do it all – I’ll be using mine with a lot of confidence this season.”

The 10ft and 11ft Carp Feeder rods are perfect for today’s short chucks on commercial venues, where carp are the target. The longer 12ft and 13ft versions are ideal for longer-range work with the 12ft version making a great all-rounder for fishing both long and short.

The 11ft and 12ft Carp Float make the perfect beefed-up tools for coping with the rigours of pellet waggler and bigger fish applications whereas the 13ft and 14ft versions are tailor-made for longer-range work, running water and deeper water applications. Overall the rods look to be perfect for their applications and will appeal to Sensas fans, among others looking to upgrade without breaking the bank – check them out at your local Sensas stockist soon.

Classic Competition 13ft (3 sections) £149.99
Classic Competition 14ft (3 sections) £149.99
Classic Competition Carp 11ft (2 sections) £129.99
Classic Competition Carp 12ft (2 sections) £129.99

Classic Competition Carp 10ft (2 sections + 3 tips) £129.99
Classic Competition Carp 11ft (2 sections + 3 tips) £139.99
Classic Competition Carp 12ft (3 sections + 3 tips) £149.99
Classic Competition Carp 13ft (3 sections + 3 tips) £149.99

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