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Colmic Scrape Next Adventure Feeder Rods

Take An Adventure!

Match Fishing takes a look at Colmic’s latest range of feeder rods, designed to handle even the most brutal workouts…
When it comes to long-range casting on open lakes or using heavy feeders on rivers such as the tidal Trent, specific gear up for the job is a must. This is where the Colmic Scrape Next Adventure rods come into play. The 90g 13ft, 120g 13ft and 120g 13ft 8in models are serious pieces of kit. These three rods are made to deal with the rigours of heavy feeder work on fast-flowing rivers, fishing and long-range casting, and the strain put on them within these disciplines of the sport.

Each rod features sleek gold, black and red graphics with gold details at each of the section joints and at the eye whippings up the length of the rod, giving them a top-end look to go with the impressive feel and performance. A flat cork butt section handle ensures the rod feels nice in the hand while adding to the quality finish, and enables you to control fish and cast with the utmost precision. Each rod comes with three carbon tips (1½oz, 2oz, 3oz) giving you plenty of versatility, and optimum bite indication on rivers when you’re looking for drop-back bites.

In action, the Next Adventure feeder rods offer impressive power with fast recovering blanks, which means there is little shake in the rod when casting, ensuring you can be extremely accurate. The power in the bottom third also gives them plenty of backbone for casting long distances, so there will be no doubting the rods’ ability to deal with the strain of casting heavy feeders or chucking long distances.

When you are presented with a swim that could throw up a few barbel, and you’re needing plenty of power to control fish to get the upper hand, the 13ft and 13ft 8in 90g and 120g rods will definitely step up to the plate and handle the task at hand with ease and are must-haves for anglers who might find themselves in just that situation!

The Range 13ft 90g – RRP: £180 13ft 120g – RRP: £199 13ft 8in 120g – RRP: £225


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