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Middy MX-100 Pole/Feeder Recliner Chair

Claimed by Middy to be the world’s first ever chair designed for both pole and feeder fishing, the MX-100 fills an important niche in the whole seatbox/fishing chair market.

If you’re an angler for whom a seatbox is an unnecessary extravagance, you don’t want to have to settle for an unsuitable carp angler’s chair or, even worse, a garden seat. Neither option is particularly comfortable to fish from, especially if they have arms, and nor are they much suited to the demands of fishing the pole or feeder.

Enter the Middy MX-100 Pole/Feeder Recliner Chair. Specifically designed as an efficient and useful fishing station, this is a chair that while being lightweight for ease of carrying and padded for comfort of use – and believe us, it is comfy to sit on! – still has the ability to incorporate those little extras that seatbox users take for granted.

There’s a useful side Match/Bait tray to hold a fair bait selection or a few bits of tackle, and a side bar that takes a front feeder arm/pole rest, plus a rear pole rest and an extra ‘Up & Over’ middle rest. These can be used to hold your pole when baiting up or catapulting bait in, if you prefer to fish that way. The wide feeder rest can be adjusted to suit where you want your rod, and a keepnet arm is also included to keep your net close to hand.

With a bit of unscrewing and repositioning of mounting brackets the side tray and side bar can be used on either side of the chair, to suit right or left-handed users.

The MX-100 Pole/Feeder Recliner Chair Full Package option comes with everything you need inside the one box – so no having to fork out for any extras, and with full instructions it’s quick and easy to put together.

The back rest is easily adjustable to whatever angle you find most comfortable, and the height-adjustable legs lock into place with a reassuring click. On packing away, simply remove the side bar, keepnet arm and side tray (which can easily be carried in a rod holdall and carryall) and the chair folds down into a compact size for carrying. Its light weight means that every swim on a fishery is within walking distance, and if there’s a far-off river swim you’d like to fish, you need no longer worry about carrying a massive weight of tackle over muddy fields.

While we can’t see many of these being used on the ‘pro’ circuit, there’s definitely a place for the MX-100 with some club anglers or occasional match anglers, and at an SRP of £199.99 (shop around and you’ll find it cheaper) it’s an affordable alternative to much bigger, heavier and cumbersome fishing stations.


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