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Up Close – Daiwa TDX

The Best Yet?

Is the Daiwa TDX the best reel ever made? Joe Carass thinks it might just be!
I didn’t know what to expect when I received the new TDX to test. The previous black model was a huge hit and I have used the cheaper TDR models in my fishing for the best part of a decade. However, other than the recent TDR, I haven’t used one of the latest Daiwa reels.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the TDX and the technology involved. I mean, just look at the thing – it’s stunning, a proper good-looking piece of kit. But this reel is more than just good looks.

It is built using Zaion carbon technology. The body is incredibly light thanks to this and it looks super-cool. If you look closely, it almost has a swirly effect. The weight saving is dramatic but also because of the rigidity the material offers, the gearing stays perfectly aligned even under immense loading. It’s hard to explain just how good this is, but trust me, the power is fantastic.

The thing that sold me the most is Quick Drag. I have seen this used in carp reels but I must admit that I never paid too much attention to it. In fact, I saw it was a feature on this reel and thought it was just a nice little addition.

That was until I fished a match on Molands at Packington Somers. I was fishing the Method tight across in a small gap between two large and unforgiving reed beds. I like to play fish using the drag but the problem was having the drag set how I like; the fish were having me away into the reeds.

I then realised that with the Quick Drag I could fish ‘locked up’, which meant I never gave the fish an inch to get into the reeds. As soon as I got them away from the danger zone, a quarter turn of the drag and I was back playing fish off the drag. By the way, the drag is oh so smooth!

It was a game-changing feature once I realised it and I ended up winning the match by just 3oz. I don’t think as match anglers we even know what Quick Drag is; I’ve never really seen Daiwa push the concept onto us but for me it’s fantastic.

There are three reels in the range, a 2508, which is ideal for float work, the 3010 that for all-round use and the 4010, a winner for feeder fishing. The two smaller models are available in double and single handles while the 4010 is available with the single handle.

There are numerous other features too. Mag Sealed technology means that water cannot get into and ruin the gearing. The TDX will keep going for years to come. Air Rotor, Air Bail, HIP Clip, CRBB, BB, Digigear 2, Twist Buster 2 and ABS Spool are all impressive features that make this reel simply stunning.

We often get negative comments about sitting on the fence when it comes to reviews. So here goes, the TDX is the best reel I have ever used. I have used it solidly for six months and it is head and shoulders above anything else I have used.
RRP: £325
Verdict: Packed with state-of-the-art features and technology. The TDX is a huge step forward in reel design.

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