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Up Close – Malman Cane Floats

Joe Carass checks out the new cane-bristled patterns from Malman Floats.

In this era of hollow bristles, it makes a refreshing change to see float makers using cane as a bristle material. I am a huge fan of cane-bristled floats and if more of my favourite patterns had cane bristles then I would use them all of the time.

I was really excited when I saw Malman Floats release three new patterns that featured cane bristles and just had to buy some to give them a try.


This is a classic float design with a fine cane bristle and carbon stem, perfect for fishing for silvers on the drop. The body is made from super-tough foam and features a side eye. Malman floats are as tough as they come and even a fine, delicate float like this can be used for carp as well as silvers.

The float works beautifully as only a cane-tipped float can. It’s ideal for using with strung-out shotting patterns when fishing with baits such as casters.

The Massettos, as with the Dusty Cane and Roob Cane, feature well-painted bristles. One of the big drawbacks with cane as a material is being able to see the float, which can be a huge issue in bad light. However, these floats are as bright as they come and are as good as it gets when it comes to being able to see cane bristles.

Dusty Cane

The Dusty has been a popular float for numerous years now. The wire stem, slim body profile and fine hollow bristle have made it a firm favourite with F1 anglers up and down the country.

The Dusty Cane is the same body shape and wire stem but features a 1.6mm cane bristle. This bristle can be dotted down superbly well and is ideal for all manner of all-round pole fishing situations with a variety of baits.

Roob Cane

The final cane float is the Roob. Again it features the same body shape and wire stem as the Dusty but has a much thicker 2.2mm cane bristle.

This pattern was designed by Match This Champion Rob Wootton and has long been his preferred float pattern when carp fishing. The float works incredibly well and is ideal for using large cubes of meat or 8mm pellets.

The beauty of the cane material is that you can fish it dotted down and yet the float still has a balanced amount of buoyancy. The floats work great and the Roob Cane will definitely become my go-to float pattern for carp fishing.

RRP: £2.30

Verdict – Incredibly well made floats that are built to last. The cane bristles are a welcome addition to Malman’s extensive float range.

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