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Up Close – Sensas IM7 Groundbaits

Match Fishing reveals the new IM7 range from bait giant Sensas.  

Sensas has an incredible history in manufacturing groundbaits and is quite rightly incredibly popular all over Europe. So when it launches a new range of bait you have to check it out.  

IM7 is a new range that consists of groundbaits, pellets, additives, dyes, boilies and pastes – everything that you need for commercial fishing.  

Lets focus on the groundbait; there are five mixes in the collection with distinct and powerful flavours and strong colours.  

The first mix is Yellow Vit’Min. This is a flavour and colour made popular by the previous IM5 range. It has a lovely pale yellow colour that is effective for skimmers but is also the ideal colour when F1 fishing. The mix makes a great slop for summer shallow fishing.  

Next up is the Amino Red. A powerful blend with a distinctive aroma and a bold red colour. Not only is this a superb groundbait but it can also make a very effective warm water paste for when those temperatures rise. Red groundbaits are vastly underrated on commercial venues and this one is well worth a try.  

Green/Garlic Betaine has yet again a powerful smell and the popular green colour. This is a nice fine mix that is perfect for Method-feeder work and has also proven to be very effective during testing for bream. It is easy to mix and over the years the garlic flavour has proven its worth time and again.  

If you are looking for something for clearer water, the Black Squid is a dark groundbait perfect for colder conditions and clear water. Black Squid has been a famous flavour for Sensas down the years, dating right back to the original Crazy Bait Black groundbait, one of the first commercial mixes on the market.  

Finally we have the Natural Fishmeal mix. This is the all-round mix with a natural brown colour that is popular in fishmeal mixes. Again this is easy to mix and can be mixed up in all number of ways to suit what style of fishing you are doing.  

All of the mixes can be boosted further by using the IM7 additives that are also in the range. Another effective way to utilise the mixes is to mix them with any of the Sensas Classic groundbaits such as Magic or Lake to create your own sweet-fishmeal groundbait.  

It’s a comprehensive range of groundbaits that will cover anglers for any of their commercial fishing where fishmeal mixes are needed.  

RRP: £4.49

Verdict – A comprehensive range of mixes from a brand you can trust. 

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