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Available in 5g, 6g and 7g these floats are ideal for short-range pellet-waggler work.
Simple, straight wagglers that are perfect for presenting pellets on deep venues where short, stubby wagglers are simply no good.
• Designed as the ultimate strength pattern
The XM10 is the shortest pole in the Shockcore fusion range from Middy. It has been primarily designed as margin pole but is also a great pole for the younger angler or angler on a budget.
Choosing new rods can be a minefield at times – just where do you invest your hard-earned cash? Middy’s all-new 4G range might just be up your street. Alex Bones took them to The Glebe complex for a spin.
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Home Made Cage Feeders

small cage feeders

Xitan Advance 26-2

xitan browning

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