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Joe Carass gets his hands on the brand-new Arco-Tech rods from Middy.

As far as commercial feeder rods go, Middy takes some beating. Rods such as the 4GS and XK/XZ are firm favourites with thousands of anglers and are a common sight no matter what the venue.

Joe Carass tests a bait additive that has become a must-have in his opinion.  Every now and again I receive a product that I just don’t really ‘feel’. Perhaps a product that just doesn’t get me excited or I can’t see a place for it in my fishing. I must admit when I saw the Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Pellet Soaks for the first time that was the feeling I got. I just didn’t get the point of the product or why anglers would need it.

We check out the brand new and super-stylish Frenzee Precision FXT luggage.

Joe Carass gets his hands on the new flagship Xitan pole from Browning – the Z16L.

Joe Carass gets his hands on the World Champion Feeder Rods designed by Browning’s Jens Koschnick.

Match Fishing reveals the new IM7 range from bait giant Sensas.  

Joe Carass checks out the new cane-bristled patterns from Malman Floats.

Match Fishing takes a look at a crucial item of tackle that makes keepnet management a doddle.

Joe Carass gets an exclusive look at the brilliant new Super Feeder mix from Sonubaits.

Joe Carass reveals the latest elastic development from Matrix that he believes will revolutionise pole fishing.

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