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Match Fishing’s David Haynes takes two new waggler rods from Rive for an outing.

Renowned for their quality, Tri-Cast rods are among some of the finest available. Editor Alex Bones takes a close look at three of their latest 14ft and 15ft models.
The G-Max feeder rod range was a massive hit in the Match Fishing office, so when the float rod range came in we all got a bit excited! But are they any good? Joe Carass took a closer look…
When anglers of the calibre of Darren Cox and Steve Cooke work together to design a rod range you can probably expect something pretty good. Dave Harrell takes a look at their work…  
Dave Harrell runs the rule over the latest family of rods to come out of the Japanese tackle giant’s factory in Scotland…
After developing a successful range of gear that all started with pole pots, the Frenzee design team has now turned its attentions to rods. Dave Harrell checks out the initial range of seven…

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