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Match Fishing September 2020 Featured

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Pulling Power

01 Wootton

The River Trent is a brilliant venue for feeder anglers and Rob Wootton reckons the pulling power of pellets for silver fish can’t be ignored.

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Keep It Up Your Sleeve!

02 Shipp

He doesn’t fish it very often, but the paste is a tactic that Des Shipp saves for certain situations.

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Mixing It Up

 03 Cox

Darren Cox loves his river fishing and this month he shows you how to approach shallow running water swims in low and clear conditions.

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Give Them A Meat Treat

04 Mansfield 

Meat is a bait that has lost a bit of its popularity and Dynamite Baits’ Aiden Mansfield wants to right that wrong.

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Inside Track

05 Tucker

Todber Manor is renowned for its huge weights so we asked venue expert Steve Tucker to show us how to approach this big weight venue.

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Think You Know ‘The Bag’? Think Again!

06 Vandervleit

Chris Vandervleit lifts the lid on his box of tricks that have made him one of THE masters of tea bag fishing on commercials.



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