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Maver 'Match This' Qualifiers

More Maver 'Match This' Qualifying results, this time from Makins Fisheries and Hallcroft Fishery

Makins Fisheries | 30th July, 2011

Fifty three anglers attended this last but one Maver "Match This" qualifier at Makins Fisheries. Conditions on the day were very hot with blazing sun and very little wind.

Winner on the day was Ringer Baits sponsored angler Mark Griffiths. Mark drew peg 5 on Crater lake and alternated between caster, meat and sweetcorn down the inside and meat fished shallow to finish with 117-12-00 of carp, thus securing his place in the Grand Final. As well as qualifying for the £50,000 main event, Mark's winning bag also sees him qualify for the Maver British Pole Championships taking place on 14th August.

Sean Huggins (Dynamite Baits) finished in second place and secures his place in the runner's-up event. Fishing from peg 10, also on Crater, Sean fished meat over a bed of hemp tight to the island at 14m to take 94-12-00 of carp.

Third on the day was Steve Ringer (Guru / Ringer Baits / Dynamite Baits). Steve drew peg 20 on Derwent lake and finished with 89-08-00, just over 5lbs short of booking his place in the runner's up event. However, his 3rd place finish sees him qualify for the Maver British Pole Championships on August 14th at Larford Lakes.

Mark Griffiths (Ringer Baits) 117-12-00 5 (Crater)
Sean Huggins (Dynamite Baits) 94-12-00 10 (Crater)
Steve Ringer (Guru / Ringer Baits / Dynamite Baits) 89-08-00 20 (Derwent)
Rob Hitchens (Yorkshire Baits) 73-02-00 12 (Crater)
Steven Openshaw (Fisherman's Tackle)  72-14-00 8 (Derwent)
Barry Smithson (Team Makins) 66-00-00 17 (Reptile)
Anthony King (Dynamite Baits / Middy) 62-04-00 11 (Thames)
Steve Mazza (Yorkshire Baits) 59-12-00 11 (Derwent)

Hallcroft Fishery | 31st July, 2011

This last Maver "Match This" qualifier event of 2011 saw fifty six anglers attend the Sunday morning draw. The atmosphere was tense with all participants knowing that this would be their last chance to secure a place in the £50,000 Grand final on August 20th.

Winner on the day, and the 24th and final competitor into the main final was Frenzee-backed Stephen Barraclough. Steve had already qualified for the Maver British Pole Championships at the venue back on 9th July during the first of the two qualifier events held at the fishery. Steve drew peg 104 (Outer Moat) and fished shallow at 12m with meat before switching to the margins using corn over the top of groundbait during the closing stages. Steve enjoyed a great days fishing and finished with a decent net of mainly carp to weigh in 135-11-00.

The 24th and final competitor to book his place in the £5,000 runner's-up final was Andy Bailey. Andy drew peg 112 (Moat Outer) and fished chopped worm over a bed of groundbait and hemp to take fifteen good-sized carp for 126-14-00.

Third on the day was Browning's Adam Richards. Adam drew peg 6 on the Canal lake and fished pellet and meat to land 112-05-00 of mainly small carp.

Stephen Barraclough (Frenzee) 135-11-00 104 (Moat Outer)
Andy Bailey (Doncaster) 126-14-00 112 (Moat Outer)
Adam Richards (Browning) 112-05-00 6 (Canal)
Alan Scotthorne (Shimano) 106-14-00 4 (Canal)
Jason Le Bosquet (Garbolino) 97-10-00 2 (Moat Island)
Jon Arthur (Shakespeare) 86-09-00 61 (Moat Island)
Steve Mayo (Maver) 83-06-00 16 (Canal)
David Whiting (Button Hole A/C) 82-00-00 1 (Canal)

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