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Matrix 11ft And 13ft Carpmaster Method Rods

Despite the ‘Method’ tag these rods are far more than one-trick ponies!
While they’re perfect for the bolt-rig tactic that has taken a stranglehold on commercial waters they are just the ticket for many styles and not just carp traps either. The 8ft, 9ft and 12ft Method rods, which form part of the extensive Carpmaster range, have already proven popular with many anglers around the country.

Those people, and newcomers to the unique Matrix concept, will find the 11ft and 13ft models equally as appealing and allow avid fans of the blank design and bespoke way in which the rods break down to increase their artillery for all occasions. Let’s not forget that the Carpmaster feeder and float range already offers six rods before these two new additions.

Slotting in nicely between the 8ft, 9ft and 12ft feeder rods is the 11ft version that promises to bring something the others don’t. I view 11ft rods as ‘take anywhere’ tools – they’re capable of delivering a feeder at 60 yards, but are equally at home on smaller pools for ‘dinky’ chucks without having an unwieldy and unnecessary length of carbon to contend with.

The 13-footer is a more specialist tool and designed for longer-range fishing associated with many larger waters in the UK and overseas. This isn’t a poker-stiff beast, though, as it retains a soft fish-playing action that will see you able to drop a feeder in at long range, yet retains the softness throughout the blank to make it ideal for F1s and even skimmers and bream if the carp aren’t feeding. It would also make a great rod for those wanting to upgrade their river feeder rods, too.
Larger than average butt rings reduce line friction on the cast, while the EVA/cork handle looks smart and is also home to a secure-lock reel seat.

Handle length is often the subject of much discussion, but Matrix has achieved what it says is the optimum length for both fish playing and casting.

It’s the rod’s construction that visually sets it apart from others, though. The handle, reel seat and a small section of carbon plus spigot completes one section leaving two equal-length joints (once the removable tips are in place) to complete the rest of the rod. This is done for ease of transportation, but crucially alters the positioning of the joints to deliver an advantageous semi-parabolic fish-playing action, according to Matrix. Back on the transport side of things and there’s a specially designed EVA block supplied with each rod to lock the sections in place – clever. Each rod is supplied with two spare tips.

The Knowledge:

What are they?
Two new additions to the Matrix Carpmaster range.

Who are they for?
Matrix fans, or anyone looking for versatile, well-designed feeder rods.

What are they like?
Both rods sport the same handle and blank configuration as the other Carpmaster rods. These are just two of eight rods now available in this range alone!

Carpmaster Benefits:
Matrix has put a lot of emphasis into a semi-parabolic fish-playing design. And the way in which the rods break down makes for very easy transportation.

MF Verdict:
The Matrix range of rods already appeals to a wide-reaching audience and these two additions will no doubt be well received. The actions of the rods lend themselves to being superb fish-playing tools and the smart graphics give them a sleek look.

Tech Specs:

11ft Matrix Carpmaster Method rod
Handle length (with reel seat screwed down) 50.5cm
Assembled rod length (with tip) 337.5cm/11.07ft
Two tips supplied – 1oz glass and 1.5oz carbon

13ft Matrix Carpmaster Method rod
Handle length (with reel seat screwed down) 62.2cm
Assembled rod length (with tip) 398.5/13.07ft
2 tips supplied – 1oz glass and 1.5oz carbon

The Package:

1 x 13ft Matrix Carpmaster rod
1 x rod bag
1 x EVA rod holder
1 x spare tip
RRP: £159.99

1 x 11ft Matrix Carpmaster rod
1 x rod bag
1 x EVA rod holder
1 x spare tip
RRP: £139.99

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