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Meet The Mo Bros!

Anglers Ditch Razors For Movember!
Anglers the length and breadth of the country have been signing up for Movember- meaning they will be growing moustaches throughout the month of November to raise money and awareness for men's health issues.

The twenty people pictured below are all members of staff at Match Fishing’s parent company David Hall Publishing,and have signed up for the scheme, we are sure regular readers of the magazine will recognise some of them!

The aim of Movermber is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer. The scheme begins on the 1st of November with every ‘Mobro’ posting a picture of themselves clean shaven. They are then not allowed to shave their moustache for the entire month, but must shave other facial hair to keep their moustache distinctive.

The website will be updated weekly with the teams progress!

For more information on people taking part, or to donate money and support the ‘mobros’ click here

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