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Trent Embankment Could Host Winter League Final

2013 may see return to historic venue.
Speculation has been mounting that this years Angling Trust Winter League Final could return to Nottingham’s River Trent Embankment. Although venues for the final and semi final have not been confirmed as yet, it is almost certain that the final- which is to be held will once again be held on a natural venue.

Winter League Co-Ordinator, Bob Dyer explained: “Although I am still unable to confirm anything for certain, from the meeting we had earlier in the year it was clear that teams wanted to see the final return to a natural venue. The River Trent would be perfect, as it is in a central location so no team has to travel too far, and reports suggest that it has fished extremely well this year. I will be able to confirm the exact location of the semi finals and final by the end of the month.” 

The dates for the semi finals have been confirmed as the last weekend in February and the first weekend in March. The final will be held on the first weekend in July.

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