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Tunnel Vision!

Generous incentives for anglers at Midlands water.
Tunnel Barn Farm has announced two new incentives aimed at getting more anglers on the bank. The first is aimed at club anglers, and will see clubs that book four matches receive a fifth one for free. Match organiser, Sarah Underwood explained: “Because I handle the bookings for clubs here at Tunnel Barn, I know that many of them have had a tough year, with the recession seeing numbers dwindle for a lot of clubs. Although we obviously have to earn a living, we are keen to put a bit back, and thank the clubs that have supported us – and giving them a free match is a nice way of showing our gratitude.”

On top of this, Tunnel Barn Farm has announced a series of festive open matches that will carry extra money funded by the venues bonus peg. With six matches in total running between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, there is plenty to keep anglers occupied.

Sarah added: “Money is always tight around Christmas, so it is nice to put a little bit extra in the pot to give anglers the incentive to get out and go fishing.  We will be putting up £700 in total over the six matches, as well as offering free pegging to the anglers who fish our Boxing Day Bash- and then there are the standard pools on the day. Money is always tight for anglers around Christmas, so this is designed to give our open anglers the chance to win a bit back.”

Venue regular, Joe Carass commented: “Tunnel is a great venue, and one of the few places where you are guaranteed a few bites even in the coldest of weathers. It is nice to see that the venue are looking to put a bit back into the sport, and I’m not at all surprised as it is a really friendly, welcoming place to fish.

For anglers who are strapped for cash, it is the ideal choice really as your bait bill in winter need only extend to a couple of handfuls of pellets and the same of maggots.  Where else can you catch a load of fish on just a couple of handfuls of bait?”

For more information, call Sarah on: 01926 842 975

Festive Calendar

24\12\12 - Santa’s Special Open  (£100 added to the pot)
26\12\12 – The Boxing Day Bash (No peg fees)
27\12\12 – Pairs Match (£200 added to the pot)
28\12\12 – The Friday Flyer (£100 added to the pot)
30\12\12 – New Years Eve Bash (£100 added to the pot)

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