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Dorking's Delight!

Dorking top first Midlands Sensas League
Despite terrible weather, ranging from a hard frost in the morning to driving rain, the venue fished extremely well for the first round of this league, with double figures needed to win every seven peg section!

Guesting for Kamasan Starlets Nigel Bull led the way with from peg 112 at Barston with 33lb 6oz of skimmers and F1s, all taken on pole and bloodworm at 13m over groundbait. It was a Kamasan Starlets double top as Garbolino's Darren Cox was close behind with 16 F1s and skimmers for 31lb 7oz again on pole and bloodworm at 13m from peg 122 at Barston. Des Shipp produced the best weight from

Packington off peg 27 Molands with 31lb 2 oz. Callum Dicks filled 4th with 30lb 6oz of skimmers from peg 12 from Barston.
Team wise it was really tight, with Daiwa Dorking sneaking in front of the Kamasan Starlets teams by 1 & 2 points respectively.

Individual Result

1 Nigel Bull (Kamasan Starlets) 33lb 6oz
2 Darren Cox (Kamasan Starlets) 31lb 7oz
3 Des Shipp (Daiwa Dorking) 31lb 2oz
4 Callum Dicks (Daiwa Dorking) 30lb 6oz

1 Daiwa Dorking 8 points
2 Kamasan Starlets Green 9 points
3 Kamasan Starlets Blue 10 points
4 Kamasan Super Starlets 16 points
5 Preston Innovations Delcac 19 points

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