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A Novel Technique!

Venue owner, Gary Jubb dons wetsuit to break the ice!
Top match angler, and former England International, Gary Jubb has built up a fearsome reputation on the bank – but it is more his actions in the water that have been creating a stir over the last few days.

He is employed as manager at Barnburgh Lakes near Doncaster, and was keen that ice shouldn’t stop play for anglers brave enough to journey to his fishery in the latest bout of bad weather.

“I have had training as a diver, and am lucky enough to own all the equipment – including a full thermal wetsuit – so even though the water was freezing I was lovely and warm. It is a great way to break the ice when it is thick, as you can chip away at it with a hammer if necessary. Obviously, I wouldn’t advise anyone to do it unless they are trained – and I certainly wouldn’t advocate anyone doing it on there own. It is a very effective way of breaking the ice though!”

Click here to see Gary in action!

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