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Start Them Young

Angling survey proves importance of junior initiatives.
More than 87% of today's anglers started fishing between the ages of four and 16. This is the interesting find of the latest National Angling survey, compiled by Dr Adam Brown on behalf of  the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency.

More than 29,000 anglers took part in the questionnaire, which was promoted online earlier on in the year. The findings reinforce the importance of junior angling intitiatives and the belief that once hooked at a young age, anglers stay fishing for life. The average age of survey participants was 51.

Other interesting findings include the discovery that 19.7% of anglers have some kind of illness or are disabled, and 47.7% of those questioned have been fishing less than 20 times in the last year –though more than 90% of them would have liked to have fished more.

It was also apparent that a vast majority of anglers ranked coarse, stillwater fishing as their preferred discipline – though just 19.4% of participants were competition anglers. That said, of the junior anglers that took part in the survey, 26% take part in competitions, which suggests that this could be a potential growth area for the sport.  

For more information on the survey, or to view it in full, click here

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