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Chedzoy Tops Commercial House League!

Team and individual glory for Thatchers.
The sudden cold spell along with bright conditions made the fishing quite hard for many anglers, in the last round of the Sensas Commercial House League.

With the team winners already decided from the previous match, interest turned to the individual title.  Nick Chedzoy (Preston Innovations Thatchers A) made the most of his eng peg draw at Limpley Stoke to win not only the match but the individual title as well. Drawn about 40 yards above the bay, Nick caught 1 1/2 lbs on bread in the early part of the match.  He then cupped in chopped worms and casters down the peg towards the bay, but had to wait until the last half of the match to catch on it.  He had eight skimmers, an eel and a 2 lbs perch for a total weight of 16lb 10oz.

In second place was fellow Thatchers rod Gary O'Shea, who was on the end peg at the George, two past the swing bridge. He fished bread on the inside and caught four small skimmers plus lots of roach for around 6lb.  After this he caught on bloodworm to finish with 8lb 13oz.

In third was Martin Rayet who was next to the wires at the George.  He fished bread at 4m and caught four skimmers up to 2lb and some roach!  He then caught perch and roach on bloodworm and pinkie at 13m.  He also took 2nd place in the individuals with 53 points, just one point behind Nick was Bathampton rod Kev Dicks, also with 53 points, but a lower weight.

In the team stakes, Preston Innovation Thatchers came out on top, after a very successful series for the Dorset based outfit. Captain, Mark Harper commented: “It is always nice to do well in this league, and to have our A and B teams finish first and third respectively rounds off a very successful season for us. The fishing has been very diverse, with roach, skimmers and big perch making up the framing eights throughout the series, so a broad range of skills have been required to be consistent.”

1 N Chedzoy Preston Innovations Thatchers A 16 lbs 10 ozs   
2 G O'Shea Preston Innovations Thatchers A 8 lbs 13 ozs   
3 M Rayet BTM Services 8 lbs 1 ozs   
4 G Hunt Maver Bathampton Invincible 7 lbs 2 ozs   
5 D Gillman Maver Bathampton Elite 7 lbs 1 ozs   
6 S Townsend Maver Bathampton Invincible 6 lbs 15 ozs   

A Div on day         
1 Maver Bathampton Elite 23       
2 Preston Innovations Thatchers A 22       
3 Preston Innovations Thatchers B 17       
4 Maver Bathampton Invincible 14       
5 BTM Services 13       

B Div on day         
1 Premier Angling Gold 26       
2= Sensas Wiltshire Angling Blue 20       
2= Sensas Wiltshire Angling Red 20       
4= M & N Services 19       
4= Premier Angling Black 19       
4= D&W Builders 19       

A Div League overall        
1 Preston Innovations Thatchers A 26.5       
2 Maver Bathampton Elite 20.5       
3 Preston Innovations Thatchers B 17.5       
4 BTM Services 16       
5 Maver Bathampton Invincible 9.5       

B Div League overall        
1 M & N Services 26       
2 Sensas Wiltshire Angling Blue 22.5       
3 Premier Angling Gold 21       
4 Sensas Wiltshire Angling Red 20.5       
5 Premier Angling Black 20       
6 D&W Builders 16       

Individual Result    
1 N Chedzoy (Preston Innovations Thatchers A) 16lb 10oz   
2 G O'Shea (Preston Innovations Thatchers A) 8lb 13 oz   
3 M Rayet (BTM Services) 8 lbs 1oz   
4 G Hunt (Maver Bathampton Invincible) 7lb 2oz  
5 D Gillman (Maver Bathampton Elite) 7lb 1oz   
6 S Townsend (Maver Bathampton Invincible) 6lb15 oz   
7 N Johnson (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 6 lb 10oz   
8 F Parker (Premier Angling Black) 6 lb 5oz
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