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Match Aid Contest Announced!

Exciting new match fishing competition launched!
Match Aid, an organisation set up to raise money for cancer charities, has launched an exciting new match fishing competition –with a £1,000 winners purse at the end of it!

A total of 20 qualifiers will be held in June at venues up and down the country. The top two anglers from each qualifier will be eligible to fish the final, which is to be held at Worcestershire’s Furnace Mill Fishery. From the 40 qualifiers, the top three finishers will be paid out, with the winner picking up £1,000, second place £350, and third place £150.

Angling News Week Editor, Tom Scholey commented: "This sounds like a great competition, which raises money for a very good cause - and has a very significant prize at the end of it. With each round costing just £20 to enter, it is kind on the pocket too. With a great selection of venues for anglers to choose from, I can see this event proving really popular."

Entry is to be on a first come first server basis, with anglers booking on with the fishery at which they want to compete.

The fee to fish each round will be just £20 per round, and anglers can enter as many of the qualifiers as they choose. The £20 fee will be split into three, with £5 going to the fishery as a peg fee, £10 going into the prize fund for the day, and £5 coming back to Match Aid for the cancer research charity.

After the qualifiers have finished, all of the qualifying anglers will have a rest period of eight weeks from the end of June until the final on the 24th August. This will give anglers the chance to visit and fish Furnace Mill, where the final is being held.

For more information on the event, or to get involved with fundraising for Match Aid, contact Richard Anderson on: Tel: 07557774752 Alternatively, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1st June 2013 - Tansterne Fishery, East Yorkshire
1st June 2013 - Holme grange Fishery, Reading
1st June 2013 - Curborough Fishery, Staffordshire
5th June 2013 - Boldings Pools, Worcestershire
5th June 2013 - Woodlands Fishery Yorkshire
8th June 2013 - Tasterne Fishery East Yorkshire
8th June 2013 - Furnace Mill Fishery Worcestershire
9th June 2013 - Shatterford Fishery worcestershire
11th June 2013 - Carney Pools Staffordshire
20th June 2013 - Acorn Fishery Somerset
21st June 2013 - Silver Springs Fishery Somerset
22nd June 2013 - Panshill Wood Fishery, Oxon
22nd June 2013 - Curborough Fishery, Staffordshire
22nd June 2013 - Viaduct Fishery, Somerset
22nd June 2013 - Furnace Mill Fishery, Worcestershire
22nd June 2013 - Ladywood Fishery, West Yorkshire
26th June 2013 - Woodlands Fishery, Yorkshire
27th June 2013 - Cob House Fishery, Worcestershire
28th June 2013 - Cob House Fishery, Worcestershire

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