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Beware The Bogus Tweeters!

Alarming rise in fake internet profiles.
Angling News Week has noticed an alarming increase in the number of bogus Facebook and Twitter accounts over recent weeks. The trend is effecting companies, products and individuals alike, Preston Innovations, Maver UK, Match Fishing Magazine and former World Champion Will Raison being among the most noted victims.

Will Raison, who has been the victim of a fake Twitter account in his name commented: “I was quite concerned when I heard that someone had set an account up in my name. As a sponsored angler, someone posting things posing as me could be extremely damaging – not just to me but also to my sponsors.

Although I am well aware of the commercial value of Facebook and Twitter, and a lot of my friends are on there, I don’t have a personal page on either site at the minute. As you can imagine, I was more than a little shocked when one of my friends texted me saying that he had just seen a Tweet by me!

I am currently looking at having the page taken down, but in the meantime – anybody who sees a Tweet from @williamraison should note that it is not me!"

Angling News Weeks sister title, Match Fishing also was the victim of a hoaxer, who tried to set up a bogus Facebook page posing as the magazine – even though the publication has its own dedicated site, with over 3,000 likes! Fortunately, the site has since been reported, and taken down.

Other notable victims include Maver UK, and Preston Innovations – both of whom also have their own legitimate account, but also suffered a fake account set up by impersonators. Matt Woods, who looks after the social media accounts for Preston, commented: “It is worrying to think that someone out there is knowingly trying to impersonate companies and people. All we can do is be vigilant though, and report anything untoward to Facebook, who can then look to have the pages removed."

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