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Fishing Is Good For You!

Research shows angling can burn up to 490 calories per hour.

Yet more evidence has come to light proving just how good fishing is for your health. A survey, examining how many calories  various activities burn, found that angling burns up to 490 calories when fishing in waders – but even more passive fishing from the bank while sat in a stationary position burns 245 calories. This makes even the most relaxed forms of angling as healthy as walking the dog, windsurfing, light canoeing and volleyball.

The recommended daily intake for men is 2,500 calories with women recommended to consume 2,000 calories –meaning a days fishing burns off enough to make it part of a healthy lifestyle.

Add to this the noted advantages of relaxation, and its fair to assume that time spent on the bank is good for your health! To see the complete list of activities, and how they compare, click the link below!

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