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Callum Is King!

Dorking ace wins CIPS League
Callum Dicks has taken individual victory in the Garbolino Sensas CIPS league.  Bad conditions greeted the 70 competitors on the final round  at Woodlands View fishery, but that didn’t spoil the fishing as there were dozens of double figure weights in this closely fought competition.

Winning team on the day were Kamasan Starlets Blue with an excellent 9 points. That was enough to bump them into second overall in the final standings, but they fell 3.5 points short of Daiwa Dorking who won the league again after dominating the 3 rounds.

Overall winner on the day was Kamasan Starlets Blue angler Steve Hemingray who had a nice bag of skimmers and roach mainly on pole at 13m on bloodworm over joker and leam. The England international also took some quality fish short on casters to bump his final weight to 20lb 4oz. Darran Bickerton had almost 200 small skimmers again on long pole and bloodworm for an impressive 18lb from Arles 10, and Dorking’s Callum Dicks had the best of the 16lb weights to sneak 3rd overall.

It was also Callum who took victory in the individual stakes – following a midweek practice session with Des Shipp. He explained:

"Des and I fished High Pool on the road bank. To cut a long story short, we both caught over 40lbs of fish on a variety of baits - bloodworm and joker were good, but so too were maggot and pellet. The fishing was very good and the weather was very kind to us. Although we both had a great days fishing, it left us confused as we caught so many fish we had no idea what the best approach would be in the match".

"I spent the rest of the week wondering what would happen on the day. In the end, I decided to fall back on the experience gained during previous CIPS matches on the venue, and treat my practice session as very enjoyable, helping my confidence, but not being of much use of the day".

"My plan was to fish for roach and skimmers to guarantee decent points, and hopefully catch a few bonus fish on bigger baits. I decided to feed 2mm pellets and maggots at 13m, some joker in double leam at 11.5m and some neat joker at 12.5m off to the right. My final line of attack was neat joker fished short at 5m".

"This feeding pattern hopefully would give me the best chance of bonus F1's at 13m. I wasn't sure whether to feed joker neat or in double leam, so I opted to feed one of each. The 5m line can be very good for roach late in the match and there is always the chance of a bonus perch on this line".

"I started on my double leam line and straight away I caught small roach, as did many anglers on the lake. After twenty minutes I caught my first hand-sized skimmer but resisted the temptation to stay on this line for too long despite the fact I was catching. I wanted to get a feel for what was happening in the peg so I kept rotating my swims".

"I couldn't get a bite at 5m, but if this line was going to produce at all, it wouldn't be until late in the day. Both my long bloodworm lines were producing roach and skimmers, but the joker fed in double leam was far better than the neat line".

"The best bait for the skimmers was bunches of bloodworm - anything up to six on the hook - I even caught small roach on these bunches! I picked up bites for the majority of the four hours with things suddenly going quiet whenever a better fish entered the peg. The 5m line didn't produce at all, but had it been a bit warmer on the day, I'm confident that line would've produced later in the day".

"This is the first year the league has been split up into local regions, which has brought some new teams into the CIPS matches".

"I found fishing a 70-peg match on Saturdays during the winter with bloodworm and joker a nice change from carp, carp and more carp".

Individuals On Day
1st Steve Hemingray  Kamasan Starlets Blue - 20lb 4oz
2nd Darran Bickerton Kamasan Super Starlets - 18lb
3rd Callum Dicks Daiwa Dorking - 16lb 12oz
4th Mark Eaves Milo Bordon - 16lb 4oz

Teams Overall

1st Daiwa Dorking 37.5
2nd Kamasan Starlets Blue 41
3rd Kamasan Starlets Green 42.5
4th Preston Thatchers A 46

Overall Individuals League

1st Callum Dicks 3
2nd Darren Cox 4
3rd Rory Jones 6
4th Lee Edwards 6

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