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Play The Banjo!

Big match victory for feeder team captain.
England feeder team ace Tommy Pickering has proved just why he is regarded as  one of the country’s best feeder anglers – after bagging a winning net in this weekends round of the Hayfield Pairs Series. The sixty peg event is contested by some of the north’s finest angling talents – including Alan Scotthorne, James Dent and current World Champion, Sean Ashby. The match win comes on the back of a string of good results at the venue – and Tommy puts them all down to the banjo feeder!

He explained: “The banjo is perhaps a little underused by a lot of anglers –who prefer more conventional methods such as the Method feeder – but there are definitely times when the water is cold as it is at the moment when it is very difficult to beat. Its strength lies in the fact that you can introduce far less bait than you have to with a method feeder – it is rather like offering somebody who is full a biscuit or a Sunday dinner – they will go for a biscuit every time!

Don’t get me wrong, I drew a very good peg yesterday, and would have probably caught a few fish on any method –but I am convinced that the banjo gave me the edge over other low feed methods – such as the bomb and teabag, as it allows you to fish a very short hooklength, leading to more fish hooked.

I use the Preston Banjo feeders that are available from most tackle shops, and modify them by trimming down the stem until it is around an inch long. Feed pellets are a mix of the fisheries 4mm and micro pellets, and I fish a 6mm hard pellet on the hook.

I had a great start to Sundays match, taking three good fish for around 12lbs in the first half an hour – which then allowed me to fish the tip for the duration rather than worrying about coming off the line and going for bloodworm fish.

I picked up the odd skimmer and carassio through the match, but it wasn’t until around three hours in that I was able to really up the anti. I stopped getting as many signs, so I decided to cast a few yards to the left of where I had previously been chucking – and found the carp again straight away. I took five carp in as many casts before bites subsided, and the damage was done!

I weighed in 49lb to win the match, and was chuffed to hear that my partner Mick Vials had also won his section – giving us pairs victory on the day, and pushing us up to second in the league. If you like your feeder fishing for carp, and have never tried the banjo feeder, I would definitely recommend giving it a go!”

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