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Back On The Roadside!

Bright future for historic match venue
This time last year, the future looked iffy for one of the Country's most historic match venues – as new police regulations made accessing the roadside of Lincolnshire’s Fossdyke Canal almost impossible. The ruling by Lincoln’s chief constable meant that anglers were no longer able to park their cars alongside the busy A57 that runs alongside the most prolific stretch of the canal making accessing the 100 peg stretch almost impossible.

Fortunately for anglers, this has now changed – thanks to two kind hearted people who are allowing anglers to park their cars on their property –
giving two easy access parking points at two different points along the waterway.

Match organiser, Alan Henry explained: “Everyone was gutted when we lost the roadside, as it is by far the fairest, and best stretch of  the Fossdyke canal –and has been home to some very historic matches in the past.
Fortunately, the Bridge pub on the outskirts of Saxilby, and the owners of the old Pike House half way along the match length have now agreed to allow anglers to park in their property, which has allowed us to use the waterway once again.

Judging by the few matches that we have had on the venue since last year, the rest has done the stretch good as well – with a 20lb + net of roach and perch winning one match, and 19lb winning another! There have been some quality roach falling to pinkie and caster, and plenty of the Fossdyke’s trademark big perch on lobworm. The pleasure catches have been even better – with a local angler banking over 30lb of roach on one trip!

The match calendar on the cut is coming to an end for this season now, but if you fancy a days pleasure fishing it is well worth heading to the roadside*!”

*The roadside of the Fossdyke Canal is located between Doddington and Saxilby, with parking available either in the car park of the Bridge pub (behind peg one), or (in matches) in the old Pike House, a large white building behind peg 40.

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