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Southern Comfort!

Good year ahead predicted at White Acres!
Match legend, and manager of Cornwall’s White Acres Holiday Park, Clint Elliott has predicted a great year for his guests, after a cracking personal winter campaign at the venue.

“Considering how up and down the weather has been, I couldn’t be more happy with how good the fishing has been at White Acres this winter. I was lucky enough to win the Cornish Winter League, and we enjoyed pretty consistent sport throughout" he explained.

"The last round a couple of weeks ago was a real highlight – I drew on Jenny’s and managed 60lb of roach and F1s, a brilliant days fishing in anybody’s book! This was only good enough for third overall – and in that particular match carp didn’t count!

In terms of the stocking of the fishery, I haven’t changed a lot this year. All the lakes have a healthy head of young fish that are eager to feed – so we have put our efforts into rearing more carp in our stock ponds. Sadly, we have been unable to stock carp into any of our lakes for the last couple of years, after the outbreak of the KHV virus. The stocking curfew will be lifted following satisfactory test results this summer, so we have plenty in the armoury ready to add to the lakes next winter!

What we have been doing is working on the banks of a few of the lakes – as with the wet weather, and the sheer amount of footfall at the back end of last year, the top end of Twin Oaks in particular became something of a mudbath! We have had contractors in through the winter though, and they have deposited over 200 tonnes of stone here, which has improved the situation dramatically!

We have already had a couple of days where we have had to work in polo necks down here – so anglers have a lot to look forward to over coming months at White Acres!”

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