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The Leaf Test

Deadly bait additive shown on camera
Anglers have been left open mouthed, as a new video that is trending on YouTube shows the deadly effective nature of the new Stinky Stuff bait additive that has recently hit the market.

The star of the video is England Veterans ace, Terry Lancaster. First, Terry cups in some leaves that have no additive and nothing happens. Next, Terry cups in some leaves that have been sprayed with the critically acclaimed 'Stinky Stuff' and carp can be seen almost instantly gobbing at them.   

Finally, Terry cups in some bread that has been soaked in the substance and it is instantly intercepted by a carp. The video can be viewed by clicking here.

Creator, David Bailey explained: "Stinky Stuff has been two years in the making, with many hours spent in a laboratory and hundreds of trials on the bank across different fisheries in the UK. The result has been the development of a bait additive that stimulates fish to feed.

"Uniquely, the same formula is just as effective whether targetting match-sized fish, specimen fish or sea fish. We have used anglers from all genres of fishing from coarse to specimen, game and sea angling. We have used pleasure anglers and top match anglers, even England Internationals.

"The specimen hunters have been really positive in their feedback and the sea anglers have been very excited on the difference this product has made to their fishing, particually putting down big scent trails on venues such as the Bristol Channel.

"Our intention is not to ram the scientific approach down anyone's throat, however, we are proud of what we have achieved – and videos like this prove our point even further!"

For more information on the science behind the product, or to read testimonials of anglers who have used it to good effect, check out the website:


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