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Angler's Name

Weight (lbs/oz)

Peg # / Lake

Zac Brown (Preston Innovations / Sonu Baits)


4 (Copse)

Les Wetton (Mosella UK)


8C (Pathfield)

Craig Goldstraw (Middy / Bag 'Em Baits)


1 (Woods)

Ben Townsend (Matrix / Spotted Fin)


40 (Woods)

Reece Hearn (Matrix Image / Bag 'Em Baits)


28 (Pathfield)

Ross Harold


33 (Woods)

Richard Bond (Matrix Image)


20 (Woods)

Jon Whincup (Frenzee)


26 (Pathfield)

The final Southern qualifier of the 2017 Maver Mega Match This campaign marked a return to Coleman's Cottage in Essex where fifty four (54) anglers lined the banks of Copse, Pathfield and Woods lakes. Anglers were given plenty of room on the day with the standard of sport and weights recorded being very good. Competing anglers needed in excess of 150lbs in order to grab a British Pole Championship qualification place. Conditions on the day were ideal with plenty of cloud cover coupled with a good breeze producing fourteen weights over 100lbs.

Winner on the day, and qualifying for his second big money Mega Match This final, was Preston Innovations rod, Zac Brown (Sonu Baits). Zac, who was crowned Match This Champion in 2013, drew peg 4 on Copse and opted to fish a method feeder to the island for the full five hours. Offering 2mm pellets with a dark mix, Zac found carp in numbers patrolling the island to weigh in a superb 194-00-00 with fish to 14lbs to put a decent amount of room between himself and the remainder of the field. Zac also qualifies for August's British Pole Championship final as a result.

Taking second place on the day was Mosella UK's Les Wetton. Les drew peg 8C on Pathfield and ended proceedings with 167-08-00. Les opted to fish paste over soft paste feed down his edge for most of the match to find mainly carp up to 11lbs with odd F1's. Les also qualifies for next month's British Pole Championship final.

Middy's Craig Goldstraw finished in third place securing an overall lake win from peg 1 on Woods. Having not fished the venue before, Craig decided to keep things simple and offered hard pellet long to his right to enjoy a frantic start with over 100lbs in the net after the first two hours! Unfortunately for Craig, his bites then dried up with only odd fish gracing his net for the remainder of the match to end the day with 156-12-00. Craig secured the last of the automatic British Pole Championship qualification places for his efforts.

Finishing close behind in fourth place was Ben Townsend (Matrix / Spotted Fin). Ben drew peg 40 on Woods and fished the short pole offering pellets and corn to find 151-08-00 of carp and F1's.

Fifth place on the day was taken by Reece Hearn (Matrix Image / Bag 'Em Baits). Reece drew peg 28 on Pathfield and found the majority of his fish down his edge to maggot over groundbait to weigh in 150-12-00.

British Pole Championship Qualifiers: Zac Brown, Les Wetton & Craig Goldstraw


Angler's Name Weight (lbs/oz) Peg # / Lake
Simon Skelton (Maver / Dynamite Baits) 294-09-00 23 (Lake 1)
Darren Cox (Garbolino) 230-01-00 100 (Lake 7)
Kieron Rich (Middy / Burt Baits) 193-14-00 12 (Lake 1)
Andy Power (Preston Innovations) 190-00-00 80 (Lake 5)
Chris Barley 180-12-00 19 (Lake 1)
Perry Stone (Cresta) 180-05-00 109 (Lake 7)
Wayne Ibbotson 176-01-00 85 (Lake 1)
Greg Cooper 173-03-00 97 (Lake 6)

British Pole Championship Qualifiers: Darren Cox, Kieron Rich & Andy Power

Another superb Match This qualifier event at The Glebe / Mallory park with some truly outstanding weights recorded! Once again, the venue attracted the maximum number of anglers, with some truly phenomenal sport being enjoyed from all over the complex with a total of thirty three (33) weights over one hundred pounds being offered to the scales. Conditions on the day were pleasant with plenty of sunshine seeing a continuation of a great spell of weather. Anglers targeted the resident carp mainly with pellet waggler or shallow on the pole with some big edge fish being caught late on.

Making his way through to his fourth Mega Match This final was Maver's own, Simon Skelton. Simon, who finished third in last September's record-breaking final at Maver Hayfield Lakes, drew peg 23 on Lake 1 and opted to single out and 'mug' individual fish for most of the match before switching to his margins late on, where he found ten more big fish up to 10lbs to add to his already impressive tally. At the end of the five hours, Simon weighed in a superb 294-09-00 to topple the previous biggest weight of the 2017 campaign recorded only the week before at Westwood Lakes. Simon will surely be one to watch in this year's final given his superb run of form in big money finals having already finished on the podium twice in previous finals.

Finishing in second place with an equally impressive two hundred pound plus weight was Garbolino's Darren Cox. Darren secured an overall lake win from peg 100 on Lake 7 with 230-01-00 of carp up to 10lbs fishing the feeder for the first three and a half hours of the match, before switching to his edge for the final ninety minutes. Darren will now also compete in this year's Maver British Pole Championship final at Maver Hayfield Lakes in August.

Middy's Kieron Rich finished in third place from peg 12 on Lake 1. Fishing pole and pellet shallow for most of the match, Kieron found carp up to 9lbs to end the day with 193-14-00, also booking his place in August's British Pole Championships.

Fourth place on the day was taken by Preston Innovations man, Andy Power. The former Mega Match This Champion drew peg 80 on Lake 5 and secured a lake win with 190-00-00 of carp up to 6lbs fishing the pellet waggler.

Rounding off an extremely competitive top five was Chris Barley. Chris drew peg 19 on Lake 1 and fished most of the match offering pellet shallow on the pole to weigh in 180-12-00 with fish up to 12lbs.

Hallcroft Fisheries, Retford, 6th August 2016

Angler's Name

Weight (lbs/oz)

Peg # / Lake

Matt Arnold


16 (Bridge Island)

Chris Kitchin


74 (Moat Outer)

Paul Wright (Halkon Hunt)


8 (Reed)

Oliver Stringer


20 (Reed)

Frankie Gianoncelli (Preston Innovations / Sonu Baits)


2 (Canal)

Craig Owen


31 (Reed)

Les Marshall (Barnsley Bait Co.)


49 (Moat Island)

Darren Oldham


26 (Bridge Outer)

The best turnout to date on a Mega Match This qualifier at Hallcroft Fishery saw one hundred and nine (109) anglers attend this Saturday qualifier event. Conditions on the day were extremely warm with very little cloud cover about. However, a slight breeze gave some anglers, depending on where they had drawn, a slight ripple which made all the difference to those that caught compared to those that didn't.

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