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• Fine material ideal for use with a hair rig

• Ideal for anglers who don’t want to carry a lot of tackle

For 2014 Browning has introduced two new poles.

Browning poles really are fantastic and this latest mid-range offering truly is superb.

Available in four flavours

Quality spray additives for enhancing your bait.

These landing nets have been designed to hug the carp that you net to help speed up the unhooking process.
This neat and compact cooler bag has ample room for storing six bait boxes within the main insulated compartment.
This new super-tough line from the Browning stable is the perfect choice for any anglers looking for a durable rig and hooklength line.
This quality PVA mesh is available in two popular sizes – 23mm and micro 18mm. The mesh is fast melting, even in cold water.
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