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Who better to join for a lesson in flowing-water waggler fishing than Garbolino’s river connoisseur and Welsh international, Lee Edwards?

Following an intense qualifying campaign, 48 of the very best Club Anglers from around the country are preparing to battle it out for the title of Garbolino Club Angler of the Year for 2017.

The final, that will take place at the stunning Barston Lakes on Wednesday 19th July is certain to prove a fantastic venue to host the coveted event. The 2016 event saw East Yorkshire rod Roger Edmond pick up the title with a stunning mixed bag of the venues famed skimmers and carp. Further to being crowned the 2016 champion Roger also picked himself up Garbolino’s UK1 Accomplice Pro flagship Pole and £400 cash!

This year’s prize list is just as impressive with two of Garbolino’s top end pole’s as well as a number of reels up for grabs for the top few anglers on the day. Further to that each of the 48 competitors will receive a goody bag containing a number of Garbolino products meaning there is almost £5000 worth of prizes available on the day... Not to mention the £3000 of other prizes the company have already supplied during the qualifying campaign.

All competitors are asked to arrive at the venue in a punctual fashion to book in with the event's organisers no later than 8:20am in the main function room of the venue.

The draw will then take place between 8:30am and 9:00am with the five-hour match commencing at 10:30am.

There will be an optional superpool on the day of £20.


Lindholme Lakes Qualifiers

Roy Butterfield

Steve Simmons

Paul Turner

Jason Jones

Daniel Ballan

Nicholas Barnard

Ken Rutlidge

Ste Shorrock

Rob Burgin

Jack Turner

A Murray

Ian McManus

Tom Calladine

Darren Denton

Alan Lamb


Tunnel Barn Farm Qualifiers

Steve Johnson

Darren Hannon

Ashley Prestidge

Paul Rowberry

Andy Read

Dave Rowberry

Steve Downs

Dave Kruckow

Ben Sutor

Jack Danby

Stewart Richards

Tony Wilson

Ian Boyd

Mark Wragg

Chris Roe

Andy Todd

Paul Postin

Mick Langton

Gold Valley Qualifiers

Craig Meadows

John Young

Steve Martin

Vick Redding

Bruce Goulding

Ian Farmer

Tony Corbett

Andrew Palmer

Nick Crabbe

Paul Garrett

Richard Lear

Bill Sweeney

Mark Tester

Bill Noble

Ian Covey

Angler's Name

Weight (lbs/oz)

Peg # / Lake

Rob Wootton (Dynamite Baits)


2 (Lake 1)

Jon Whincup (Frenzee / Bait-Tech)


17 (Lake 1)

Andrew Bailey (Daiwa Dons)


109 (Lake 7)

Keiron Rich (Middy)


1 (Lake 1)

Bryan Travis


105 (Lake 7)

Barry Mason (Guru / Bag 'Em Baits)


98 (Lake 7)

Stephen Rothery


38 (Lake 2)

Simon Fry (Garbolino)


100 (Lake 7)

The 2017 Mega Match This qualifier campaign began on a high with a sell-out event at The Glebe. Conditions on the day were very cold for the first couple of hours with quite a blustery Westerly wind, which eased off during the latter stages of the match. Temperatures, as a result, warmed up a couple of degrees, which saw respectable weights recorded given the time of year.

First to secure his place in the minimum £50,000 Match This Grand Final on Saturday September 2nd was Dynamite Baits rod, Rob Wootton. Rob drew peg 2 on Lake 1 and opted to fish a feeder for the full five hours to find quality carp on both pellet and maggot. Rob offered 146-09-00 to the scales to see off the challenge from reigning Match This Champion, Jon Whincup, to confirm his place in UK match angling's richest final.

Taking up runner up spot, and missing out on his third consecutive Match This final by an agonisingly small margin was Frenzee man, and current Champion, Jon Whincup. Jon drew peg 17 on Lake 1 and, like Rob, fished a feeder for the duration of the match. Offering dumbbells on the hook with wetted micros moulded around the feeder, Jon found carp up to 8lbs to weigh in 145-08-00. Despite narrowly missing out on his chance to defend his title, Jon has booked his place in the 2017 British Pole Championship final taking place on Sunday 20th August.

Finishing in third place on the day was Andy Bailey (Daiwa Dons). Andy secured an overall lake win from peg 109 on Lake 7 weighing in 141-07-00. Alternating between short and the long pole with pellet, Andy found good sized fish up to 7lbs to put some distance between himself and fourth placed man on the day, Keiron Rich. Andy also books his place in this year's British Pole Championship final.

Keiron Rich (Middy) occupied fourth place with a weight of 127-14-00 from peg 1 on Lake 1. Keiron caught the majority of his weight from down his edge on pellet with carp up to 6lbs.

Rounding off the top five was Bryan Travis from peg 105 on Lake 7.


Mega Match This Grand Finalist: Rob Wootton

Maver British Pole Championship Qualifiers: Rob Wootton, Jon Whincup and Andrew Bailey

Mick Owen has won the latest round of the Lindholme Natural Baits League, with an impressive 26-12-0 net of F1s, on what turned out to be a very tough day for competitors due to horrendous mid-week weather.

 The Garbolino Lindholme ace drew peg 43 on Bonsai, and caught his fish on maggots fished on the long pole.

Second placed Lee Kerry owned Laurels Lake, with his 21-5-8 net almost doubling second place on the pool. Lee caught mainly on maggots at 1m, banking most of his lake winning catch in the first couple of hours of the match.

In third place was Dale Shepherd. Drawn on peg 84 on Bonsai, he caught quality F1s fishing long pole down towards the bottom corner of the lake for 18-12-0.

In the league stakes, former karate world champion, and Matrix backed ace Craig Butterfield fought his way to the top of the board with two section wins and a second. Matt Pillay is second on two section wins and a third. The full, up to date league table can be seen below.

With anglers able to drop their worst result though everything is still to play for.

There are three rounds of this popular league remaining, with the next taking place this Saturday 21st January. None league anglers who wish to fish the match as an open may do so, book on with Matt Godfrey on 07917 711722 or Tom Scholey on 07971 620489.



Mustang Speed! Matt Godfrey gives Garbolino’s hot new whip collection a workout they weren’t expecting…

• Ratings from 2-4 to 16-20

• Hard wearing and silky smooth

• 5m lengths (elasticates at least two kits)

RRP: £19.99


Stephane Pottelet Joins Garbolino

One of the highest profile names on the world championship stage has joined SERT as Garbolino brand manager. Stephane Pottelet is highly regarded by anglers across the world, as one of the very best pole and waggler anglers of his generation and his record in team and individual events over the last 10 years is incredible! His achievements include team gold, silver and bronze medals at World and European level with the French national team, as well as individual silver and bronze medals at the world championships. The three-time champion of France also has other key skills that he is keen to apply to the Garbolino brand.

Garbolino’s Jerome Mio has stepped up to take over the responsibility of sales and marketing manager and is delighted with the appointment of Stephane, who he believes will add even more strength to the brand, which is growing rapidly across Europe.

Garbolino UK’s Darren Cox also commented: “This is fantastic news for the brand. Stephane is at the top of the tree when it comes to international match fishing, has a very technical mind with lots of great ideas that will enhance the brand and our product offering. It’s exciting times ahead for Garbolino.”

• Compact net for speed fishing

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