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Commercial master Frankie Gianoncelli fixes your frustrations of foul-hooked fish and missed bites, with a single-rod attack that can transform your swim!

All-round master Simon Willsmore lifts the lid on his against-the-grain feeder tactics for big-water success.

England international Callum Dicks explains how less-selective baits start to rule after fish get sick of the same old pellets!

Steve Barraclough explains how planning where you fish and when is the key to big mixed bags.

Five-time world champion Alan Scotthorne visits the mighty River Trent to demonstrate how to target river roach on the feeder.

Darran Bickerton reveals the rigs, feeding techniques and presentation tricks that will help you win matches using squatts!

Dust off the metronome and get ready for a lesson in speed fishing from commercial master, Jimmy Brookes.

Our tango-tinted typist, Dan Webb, strives to try and discover what it is that sets the legendary life-long superstars from the ‘come and go’ talent in today’s world of match fishing…

When it comes to catching a big weight of small fish, whip fishing to hand can be unbeatable. We joined Preston Innovations ace Scott Geens for a masterclass!

In Jake’s opinion one of the most important aspects of being successful on the match fishing scene is being able to focus your attentions on a venue, or a handful of venues that suit your style of fishing.

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