Up Close: Browning Sphere Zero G

£799 for a back up pole? Or is there more to it than that? We check out the Browning Sphere Zero-G Power Partner!


For me, having used it numerous times, the Browning Sphere Zero-G is the most impressive pole on the market. I don’t say that lightly as there are so many incredible poles out there. But The Sphere is just unbelievable and for me set a new benchmark in terms of performance.


works with sphere

If there was one slight asterisk surrounding the Sphere, and it’s completely unfounded by the way, is its strength. I don’t know whether it is the lack of an elastic rating (a concept I like) that arouses suspicion or just the price tag, but for some reason people doubt the strength of the Sphere.

My good friend Adam Richards is incredibly rough and hard on his kit and after three years of heavy use, his Sphere is still going strong! If his lasts that long then believe me you don’t need to doubt its strength!

Anyway I digress. Moving onto what we are really here to see and that is the Sphere Zero-G Power Partner. At 10.5metres, the PP is essentially a super strong back up pole. It is fully compatible and interchangeable with the Sphere but the sections are beefed up for more demanding situations.

I must stress though that this is not some sloppy, heavy margin pole! The price tag alone tells you that. This is a 10.5m pole that is as stiff as they come, feels beautifully balanced, yet can cope with the strongest of elastics.

The Sphere butt sections can be fitted to fish the Power Partner at longer lengths should you draw a peg that demands a more powerful approach.

Another key point is the top kits; the Power Partner is supplied with a Sphere Multikit. In my opinion they are the best top kits on the market. They are two-piece top kits; a long Number One or A section as Browning calls it, and a shorter Number Two (B Section). This gives you the option of using the kits as a 1.75m short F1 style top kit or a conventional 2.5m kit. The duo Bush system is another nice addition. This is a 4.5mm bore top kit perfect for bigger elastics, but there is also a 3.9mm bush that slots inside the larger bush to make the kits ideal for lighter elastics.

duo bush

The top kits are so stiff and elastics work amazingly well in them. Like I say, for me the best top kits around.

I think this is a great pole in it’s own right, but doubled up with the Sphere pole it’s the perfect set up and I think all Sphere owners should take a serious look at what this pole has to offer.

RRP: £799

Verdict: As a standalone pole, this is brilliant. But combined with a Sphere it is even better!

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Website: www.browning-fishing.com/products