Garbolino Essential X-Tend Rod Range - Much More Than Two Rods In One!

The X-Tend forms part of the extensive new range of Garbolino Essential rods and comprises both feeder and float models, which have been purpose-designed to fish at two different lengths. Several rods in this X-Tend range have a simple (and very clever) integral 300mm extension system that extends out of the butt section. This can be extended or retracted quickly ‘in play’ as required according to conditions or fishing circumstances. You can do this without having to dismantle the rod and you can simply extend or retract the section to make your rod longer or shorter as you’re fishing! Brilliant.

This feature especially excels on the Essential Pellet Waggler rod, making it extremely versatile and basically giving you everything you need in one rod for all pellet waggler fishing scenarios. Whether you fish big floats on large open waters for big fish, or small commercials with short casts to islands, this one rod does it all for you. 

So let’s take a look at what’s available in the range:

Two models dedicated to bream fishing, with more power for casting and playing bigger fish. The ingenious integral X-Tend section provides two rods in one blank! The extra length helps gain or maintain distance on the cast at all times.

• 11ft-12ft two-piece (three carbon tips); CW 60g; RRP £234.99 
• 12ft-13ft two-piece (three carbon tips); CW 70g, RRP £249.99 

This beautiful light/medium action offers a bit more casting power, which also enhances distance. An extremely versatile rod which covers so many feeder fishing situations. The clever integral 30cm X-Tend section takes the rod from 12ft to 13ft in an instant.

• 12ft-13ft two-piece (three carbon tips); CW 50g; RRP £224.99 ESSENTIAL MATCH CARP PELLET WAGGLER
This one rod is perfect for all your pellet waggler fishing, whatever the venue! The ingenious internal X-Tend carbon section enables you to fish the rod at 10ft 4in or extend out to 11ft 6in. This makes the rod perfect for using smaller wagglers when casting short distances to islands at the shorter length, or for using wagglers up to 15g on big open reservoirs and lakes for big carp at 11ft 6in.

• 10ft 4in-11ft 6in two-piece; CW 3-15g; RRP £159.99 

Beautifully soft and forgiving float rods designed to be used for fish of all sizes. As well as the X-Tend feature, these rods come with two interchangeable tips to offer two different actions for casting different size floats as well as targeting different sizes of fish or using lighter lines and smaller hooks.

• 12ft-13ft three-piece + X-Tend butt section; CW 3-8g & 4-12g; RRP £229.99 
• 13ft-14ft three-piece + X-Tend butt section; CW 4-12g & 6-15g; RRP £234.99ESSENTIAL X-TEND (T) PERFECT MATCH
• 13ft-14ft three-piece + X-Tend butt section; CW 7-20g; RRP £199.99
• 14ft-15ft three-piece + X-Tend butt section; CW 8-25g; RRP £209.99 

The more powerful Distance Feeder rods have a more conventional 300mm extension section (supplied with each rod) which fits between the butt section and the next section up, again making it simple to add ‘in play’. So if the wind gets up or you are struggling to reach a distance comfortably, you can simply add in the extension section in seconds to help overcome the problem. Exactly the same concept as the other rods in principle, but these have a fully removable section rather than the telescopic, retractable/extendable section on the other models.

• 12ft-13ft three-piece + Ext; three tips (3/4, 1 & 1.5oz); CW 125g; RRP £249.99 
• 13ft-14ft three-piece + Ext; three tips (1, 1,5 & 2oz); CW 125g; RRP £264.99 

• 13ft-14ft three-piece + Ext; three tips (1,5, 2 & 3oz); CW 150g; RRP £289.99 
• 14ft-15ft three-piece + Ext; three tips (1,5, 2 & 3 oz); CW 150g; RRP £309.99 

All feeder rods come with three fantastic new ‘next generation’ colour coded Superflex tips suited to the rod. There is also a massive selection of quivertip sizes available for the whole range with six carbon and six fibreglass tips ranging from 1/8oz to 1.5oz.

Other features across the range include anti-tangle guides, with stand-off versions on the feeder rods. The length-appropriate butt sections are finished off with quality reel seats and flat EVA butt bases to provide extra grip when playing fish and casting. And all of the rods have been tailored to suit their needs in terms of actions, casting weights and blank strength.

Alex’s Verdict
Today I have come to Meadowlands Fishery for the opportunity to test the rods, alongside Darren. We’ve set up on the big lake here with a view to targeting the vast stocks of both silver fish and carp to try out the different lengths and styles of X-Tend rods on offer. It doesn’t take long to get into some quality skimmers on the Bream Feeder (Medium) at shorter range and the Distance Feeder 390-420 fished at longer range. We’re also priming a pellet waggler line for a little later on to try for a few big carp (if they play ball).

In a nutshell the X-Tend feature is absolutely brilliant in use! It offers ultimate versatility and the fact that you can shorten/lengthen the rod whilst fishing (without having to break the rod down) is a massive benefit. It means you can carry fewer rods and still be covered for all of the eventualities you might face. Also, you know what it’s like, you pick a spot to fish then after a couple hours the wind picks up and your setup is a little undergunned. Well with these rods you can start at the shorter length (for example) then extract the additional section if the conditions change. Brilliant really.With the skimmers and an odd bream queuing up on the feeder gear (and an occasional carp) it’s time to switch to the waggler using the Essential Match Carp Pellet Waggler rod. This one rod can be fished at both 10ft 4in and 11ft 6in. We start at the shorter length and with a few carp showing the bites soon follow after feeding 8mms regularly for an hour or so. Soon enough the action is thick and fast with some proper units helping to put the rod through its paces. 

The action slows again, but a switch to a Hybrid feeder fished over the loose fed 8mms turns the peg back on and the carp action continues. Plenty of bites and plenty of fish to test these rods as far as possible on the day. There are a host of extra colour-coded Superflex tips available for the feeder rods and even the Match Waggler Hybrid rods have an ingenious short top section to allow you to change the tips and therefore the action of the rod – so they’re actually much more than just two rods in one.

All in all the concept is brilliant and the rods have been beautifully executed by Garbolino to not only offer such unique features but to also deliver all of the other top quality reel seats, guides, fittings and finish you’d expect from such a brand. Have a waggle for yourself at your local retailer, I’m sure you’ll be just as impressed as I was! 

Check out the full Essential rod range over on the Garbolino website.