It’s Margin Time…

Let’s face it, commercial carp have got BIG, and with the warmer weather almost upon us it’s the perfect time to invest in a margin pole that can cope with those 20-plus elastics. This offering from Maver delivers everything you could want using top quality M7 high modulus carbons and would be a great addition to anyone’s kit. However, if you also happen to own a Maver RXX or RXS pole then it’s a win-win as this MV-RXX is compatible with both of those models.

Of course though, for anyone not needing a longer pole this doesn’t just have to be used as a margin pole. It’s a very nice, stiff, manageable pole that’s also perfect for anyone wanting to fish short, too. Maybe you don’t like fishing long, or you simply don’t need a long pole – well, this would be a great option in its own right as a standalone pole. Gone are the days of wobbly, banana-like margin poles that are floppy and uninspiring to fish with. I’ve tried out a couple of crackers recently and the best ones are now razor sharp, stiff and perfectly usable as a standalone pole in their own right. In fact in some cases you’d be hard pushed to tell the difference between a 9m margin pole and a ‘normal’ pole fished at 9m, such is the improvement nowadays. And this one’s no exception, offering all of the performance and features you’ll find on Maver’s more expensive models, too.What Maver says: “The MV-RXX is created with high-grade carbon fibre on a slim 18mm mandrel by our partners at Reglass. It incorporates all our exclusive resins and patented finishes, bringing a complete mix of the best European technology straight into your hands. Measuring nine metres in length (with the supplied mini extension fitted), this is a serious piece of kit that has been tested to guarantee the perfect balance of sheer force and durability whilst still retaining that lightweight feel, so using this mighty tool is nothing but a dream.

“The pole package supplies each angler with plenty of top kits for every eventuality that can be matched with even the strongest rated Dual Core, X-Core and Tri-Core elastics. What’s better is that our X-Series top kits are interchangeable with this pole, making it a perfect complement for those owning our RXX or RXS models, as well as any other pole with 18mm bore top kits“A true beast that exudes power and strength with every use, the MV-RXX Margin pole is the ultimate tamer for those commercial creatures.”

So we’re here at the brilliant Tunnel Barn Farm fishery with Callum for a little go with the MV-RXX Margin, and the first thing that you notice when you pick the pole up is exactly what I said a moment ago – how light and usable it really is. Callum has primed a right hand edge margin with 6mm cubes of meat and the action is already under way. The combined features on the pole including the brilliant Reglass technology and M7 carbon deliver a pole that’s a delight to use. With the supplied mini extension this pole measures nine metres in length and comes supplied complete with two spare X-Series Power Carp top kits and an X-Series Cupping kit with cups. Callum’s top kits are fitted with the super-smooth roller side pullers and I must say they offer a super-slick action when you’re stripping elastic from the side puller to get the fish under control and ready to shuffle into the net! The pole is rated to a 20+ elastic so it’s sure to cope with whatever big fish or snaggy situations you’re likely to find yourself in. It’s an enjoyable session with Callum out on the bank and the pole certainly feels every bit as capable as you’d need for the job. The finish is lovely, the pole ships through the hand easily and is likely to suit plenty of anglers, particularly those who are looking for compatibility with an RXX or RXS pole. Callum certainly seems confident in the pole’s capabilities and it’ll be the ideal tool for margin crunching, fishing for big fish short or handling pretty much whatever you care to throw at it!

Check out the short video we filmed with Callum on the day to find out more – it’s over on the MF YouTube channel.

Pole package:
1 x 9m MV-RXX Margin Pole
2 x Spare X-Series Power Carp top kits
1 x X-Series Cupping Kit with cups

RRP: £629.99