MAP MKII Dual Pole Rollers

A pole roller is a pole roller, right? Well yes, and no! Once again MAP has raised the bar. Available in two sizes – Large and Medium – they offer everything you could want and more. Here’s what MAP has to say…

“How do you make a trailblazing product better? Well, that’s a question we thought long and hard about when it came to the DUAL Pole Roller MkII. We kept the basic ingredients of the original MKI version the same – the independent rollers, the detachable central support, the detachable legs – but with the MkII version we’ve refined and reworked ideas to create what we feel is the ‘perfect’ pole roller.“The individual, horizontal rollers are again extruded from a memory foam material that provides plenty of cushioning, but most importantly creates a consistent thickness to avoid vibration and unevenness that could make a pole section bounce when shipped along the roller. We’ve ditched the folding end rollers to remove the chance of breakages, instead fitting EVA rollers that run on steel bearings. And, as an added bonus, the entire unit can be replaced if the worst happens, thanks to a service hatch built into the frame moulding.

“The articulation of the four independent legs is now based around steel bolts and each leg locks into position when folded and when spread out for use. 

“The detachable central roller now also features a built-in spirit level so you can get your rollers set up perfectly every time and of course, you can add more rollers thanks to multiple attachment ports.” These rollers offer incredible versatility – the central upright roller can be moved into different locations allowing you to set up to double-ship in many different ways, or the upright roller can be completely removed to create a bigger open shipping area. The four main legs are telescopic for easy set up, but the legs are also fully detachable by pressing the release button. This allows you to use the short, stubby one-piece options (supplied) or use longer XL legs (available separately) so you can tailor it to your particular fishing venue and the terrain you’re faced with on the day. Each leg also features a cam-lock, ensuring the legs can be adjusted and reliably locked in place to the correct height. The frame now features a steel chassis that builds in additional weight to keep the whole roller firmly on the ground, with added anchor points also incorporated for windy days, which is another simple yet essential bonus.

But that’s not all, oh no! You can also turn your rollers into rod or top kit roosts with the addition of MAP’s add-on Dual Pole Roller Roost kit. It simply slips on to the rollers, so for those days when you need a roost instead of a roller, MAP has you covered. To fit the Roller Roost, simply remove the middle roller on the pole roller and place the roost over the two end upright rollers – simple. You get the superb stability of a roller with the practicality of it also doubling as a roost – yet more innovation from the UK-based firm.If you want to extend your rollers further you can do that with the Long Leg Set. Supplied as a set of four telescopic legs that are designed to be used in conjunction with these pole rollers, they extend from 92 to 160 centimetres, allowing you to set the roller higher, or deal with higher sloping banks behind you. These are supplied in their own padded bag and offer the same, secure cam-lock adjustment as the other legs.

• Ultra-stable design
• Detachable upright central roller with spirit level
• Oversized extruded detachable leg system
• Supplied with standard telescopic legs and mini leg set
• Extruded foam horizontal rollers for ultra-smooth performance
• Stainless steel bearings in main rollers
• Different location points for central roller which is ideal for double shipping
• Super-soft foam horizontal roller for less pole vibration when shipping
• Folding legs for easy storage
• Cam-lock telescopic fixings
• Carabiner fixing point for attaching weights
• Supplied with padded carry bag

Medium Roller Dimensions 
• Maximum height 92cm
• Overall width 78cm
• Storage dimensions 78 x 22 x 16cm
• Supplied with non-telescopic short, stubby leg set

Large Roller Dimensions 
• Maximum height 92cm
• Overall width 109cm
• Storage dimensions 109 x 22 x 16cm

MKII Dual Pole Roller Medium: £139.99
MKII Dual Pole Roller Large: £159.99
MKII Dual Pole Roller Central Roller: £9.99
MKII Dual Pole Roller Long Leg Set: £45.00
MKII Roller Roost Medium: £29.99
MKII Roller Roost Large: £34.99