Match Fishing July 2019

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Accupower VS Reflo Power

preston review 2019 06 04 at 12.06.11

When you have a top selling line like Reflo Power in your ranks, why would you release a rival line? Dan Webb investigates.



COMP 2019 06 04 at 12.02.16

Get your hands on Middy’s all-round marvel Reactacore XI20-3 pole worth £1,129.98!


Will Raison

 WIll raison 2019 06 04 at 11.58.56

England ace Will says forget about fishing dead depth when targeting big bonus carp from down the edge.


Steve Ringer

steve ringer 2019 06 04 at 11.38.13 

With feeder fishing becoming more and more technical and everyone so good, finding an edge is incredibly difficult. Steve Ringer reveals to Dan Webb how a simple change of feeder can turn your results around!


Lee Kerry’s Live Match

lee kerry 2019 06 04 at 11.45.58

In this new series we’ll be following England Feeder international Lee Kerry through a live match every month, starting with his attempt to re-qualify and retain his Feeder King title.


Positive Negative

graham smith 2019 06 04 at 11.52.46

Daiwa Dorking star and canal legend Graham Smith shows how you can still be positive even when the fishing is hard!



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