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Well I promised to give you a ‘warts ‘n’ all’ account, and even tell you when I haven’t caught a lot. Well that’s precisely what I did this weekend, caught very little!Saturday saw me visit Woodland View nr Droitwich for a practice match for the following weeks Sensas/Garbolino match. Now I would love to tell you that this was a 100 peg sell-out, but in-truth it was a very poor 13 pegger! When you consider that the five members of my team that took the effort to go, all went through a 350mile+ round trip (except Denty who would have had a shorter journey had he decided to fish on the moon) it was pretty poor. In fact everyone who attended had travelled for miles, it just proves that as popular as I maybe think it is, commercial fishery silver fish fishing isn’t so!Back to the match and we had a very interesting match, I drew on Back Deans pool and was told that there were hordes of small roach in there.
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This week has seen me have a fantastic weekend! I really do put a lot of effort into my fishing so it’s always nice to get some good results!If any of you have followed my blog so far you will know that the final round of the Sensas/Garbolino was to be fished this week at Woodland View. After the practice match the week before we were heading into the match very confident, and felt that we could get a good result. We had a slender four-point lead over Daiwa Dorking, so every point that we could score would be vital. Lee Kerry was to draw our pegs and put three of our five anglers on end pegs, High pool 27 was to be my home for the day.
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Well there comes a time in every match anglers career when you just look out of the window before a fishing match and think ‘is it worth it?’. That’s precisely what happened on Saturday, I was all set to go and fish the open at Woodlands Lakes Nr Thirsk when I received a text message from Lee Kerry asking if we’d had any snow. My initial reaction was ‘shut up, it hasn’t snowed!’ but one peak out of the window confirmed that there was nearly two-inches of snow! The decision was then made to stay in bed! A wise choice as the match fished terrible anyway. It was an excuse for a much-needed lie-in followed by several cups of tea and lots of rig tying and having a general tackle sort out.
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The long haul to the final of the prestigious Maver Classic 2011 took place on Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd May 2011. In all over 60 qualifier matches commencing in October 2010 and finishing in late April 2011 took place. 104 finalists took part at Larford’s Match, Arena and Specimen lakes. Conditions were however far from perfect with a severe northerly wind making conditions near impossible for pole and float fishing.
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Welcome to my first ever blog for the Match fishing magazine website!Over the next few months I will try and talk you through the trials and tribulations of being a modern day match angler. My blog will be a ‘warts ‘n’ all’ account of my latest matches and I wont hold anything back (even if I don’t catch much!) To open my account I will start by talking about the latest round of the Garbolino/Sensas International rules match that Darren Cox and Sean Ashby run. It was going to be the third round, this was to be held at Gold Valley and with my Barnsley Blacks team winning the league we definitely had to try our best to get a good result. On the Friday before the match we had a little practice and worked out that the match was going to be extremely hard, but luckily we had sussed out that perch were going to be the target species and these would be what we primarily fished for.
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When Roy Marlow tells you that a groundbait is the best-selling mix in the world, you have to sit up and take notice. EFG161 is a Method mix that is designed for use in cold water. It has a controlled breakdown speed so will gradually release attractants into your swim. RRP £6.
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Chief tester Roger Mortimore has handled many reels over the years and is impressed with the build quality and performance of the new Akios range. When three Akios multiplier reels arrived on my desk – the smaller 656CTM and the larger 757CTM and 757CS – my first impression was how solid they felt. When I removed the side plates for a closer inspection, I could see that they are extremely well made from quality materials. There are currently six reels in the stable; three in the 656 size – the CS, CT and CTM for shore and light boat fishing – and three of the larger 757 size for boat or heavy shore fishing, also CS, CT and CTM.
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Joe Carass takes a close look at a new pole from Maver that has been designed for a variety of match situations. . . Maver has a huge reputation for producing some of the finest poles on the market.
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Angler's Name Weight (lbs/oz) Peg # / Lake Zac Brown (Preston Innovations / Sonu Baits) 194-00-00 4 (Copse) Les Wetton (Mosella UK) 167-08-00 8C (Pathfield) Craig Goldstraw (Middy / Bag 'Em Baits) 156-12-00 1 (Woods) Ben Townsend (Matrix / Spotted Fin) 151-08-00 40 (Woods) Reece Hearn (Matrix Image / Bag 'Em Baits) 150-12-00 28 (Pathfield) Ross Harold 136-00-00 33 (Woods) Richard Bond (Matrix Image) 126-08-00 20 (Woods) Jon Whincup (Frenzee) 117-08-00 26 (Pathfield) The final Southern qualifier of the 2017 Maver Mega Match This campaign marked a return to Coleman's Cottage in Essex where fifty four (54) anglers lined the banks of Copse, Pathfield and Woods lakes. Anglers were given plenty of room on the day with the standard of sport and weights recorded being very good. Competing anglers needed in excess of 150lbs in order to grab a British Pole Championship qualification place. Conditions on the day were ideal with plenty of cloud cover coupled with a good breeze producing fourteen weights over 100lbs.
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Following Saturday’s Mega Match This qualifier event at Monk Lakes, Kent, please note below the full and final result: Monk Lakes, Kent, 8th July 2017 Angler's Name Weight (lbs/oz) Peg # / Lake Mike McMillan (Garbolino / Bait-Tech) 198-06-00 65 (Lake 2) Adam Southgate (Oakwood) 196-04-00 55 (Lake 2) James Taylor (Harlow Angling) 189-13-00 66 (Lake 2) Mark Tullet (Cresta Tackle / Bag 'Em Baits) 183-10-00 113 (Lake 3) Robbie Taylor (Guru / Dynamite Baits) 173-02-00 91 (Lake 3) Mark Goddard (Bag 'Em Baits) 150-02-00 135 (Lake 3) Mark Brown (Browning Wickford) 141-02-00 56 (Lake 2) Chris Vendervleit (Drennan / Bait-Tech) 136-14-00 58 (Lake 2) Garbolino's Mike McMillan booked his place in another Mega Match This final after topping the fifty-nine (59) strong field at Kent's Monk Lakes. Conditions on the day were hot and sticky with very little wind offering any sort of comfort. Anglers were given plenty of room, which made for a superb qualifier with very little separating the top two on the day and numerous one hundred pound plus catches being recorded from all three of the lakes used. Mike drew peg 67 on Lake 2 and endured a bit of an unsettled start losing fish early on before getting into his rhythm offering pellet long at 16m.