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Match Fishing Staff  |  Jan 27, 2017  |  0 comments
January 22nd, Peg 151, Covey Six Today was the second round of the Partridge Lakes winter league and after managing a second in section on the previous round I hoped that I could build on that this week, but after my performance on the teams of four I wasn’t that optimistic. The weather during the week had been quite reasonable for the time of year, with some settled temperatures at last, but as per usual it was all change by the weekend as an easterly breeze had brought some cold weather and we were back down to minus temps during the night. It was forecast to be 2ºC all day with some snow flurries, and no doubt this would affect the fishing today, but it would be the same for everyone so no point complaining. I arrived at the fishery just before 8.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Jan 26, 2017  |  0 comments
Something that provides plenty of opinion and conflict is the surge in people wanting to make their own floats, not for personal use but those wanting to make a few quid something I once did a fair few years back too before all the craze. For me and it really is only my opinion I have no issue with this as long as the ones making them are honest and offer something of balanced quality, and not just sell any old float as it really is easy to buy the ready to build kits off eBay or other internet sites and just slap them together and charge people. The Floats on test up close and personal For years floats have been built by hand and in recent years have become even more refined, I’m not sure who was the first to really make an impact on the pole fishing scene but the likes of Mick Wilkinson, Gaz Malham and Mick Bassett have been producing floats for years now, each have huge followings with some of the top names using them and for very good reason. They were the ones that started a craze that majority of the top tackle companies have failed to follow for many years; it was the fact that they built sturdy floats that lasted much longer than most commercially bought models.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Jan 25, 2017  |  0 comments
Des Shipp’s Commercial Edges Who better to give you 10 top tips for catching carp on the short pole this month than England superstar, Des Shipp! 1 - Keep Quiet One of the most important things to do when you’re planning to catch at close range is to remain as quiet as possible. Wise fish in today’s commercials are very wary of bankside disturbance, so try to keep any banging and movements on the bank to a minimum while setting up, and more importantly, when fishing. 2 - The Magic Depth Fishing in the right depth of water is essential if you plan on catching on the short pole, and I often see people fishing far too close for my liking, in too shallower water. Where possible, the minimum depth that I like to target is four feet.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Jan 19, 2017  |  0 comments
Mark Pollard reflects on a very successful trip to the Emerald Isle, and recounts his lessons learnt… The Irish festival scene has seen a huge rise in popularity in the past few years and in turn winning over on the Emerald Isle is becoming increasingly difficult. Well, that’s the case for most, although if you’re a certain Mark Pollard it seems that winning in Ireland is about as easy as getting your hands on a pint of Guinness! We joined him on his return from another successful visit to Ireland, where he managed to frame in five out of five festivals! Fish To Win A festival-winning fish? Redworms and maggot was a great hook bait for skimmers! I would say the most important nugget of advice I could give to anyone visiting Ireland and who wants to do well is be positive. The fishing in Ireland when I was last there (for a full five weeks in September), was the best I’ve ever known it and with such good fishing on offer you have to make the most of it. Fishing for skimmers and roach in the UK may be about fine lines and small hooks but for feeder fishing the past few weeks I’ve been using 0.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Jan 16, 2017  |  0 comments
Garbolino Lindholme’s Alex Docherty reflects on the differing approaches that top anglers take to winning matches. . Working at Lindholme Lakes places me in the fortunate position that I get to see Aaron Grantham every weekend… not to mention many top match anglers. This has really helped me in my own fishing and I’ve learnt loads through the years by watching and speaking to them (the anglers, not Aaron).
Match Fishing Staff  |  Jan 11, 2017  |  0 comments
Matrix sponsored angler, and former Junior Fish 'O' Maniachampion Cameron Cross ponders one of the biggest questions in modern matchfishing. . . Whether it’s political votes, the fight against terrorism or Leicester City winning the Premier League, no subject has caught my attention of late more than anglers and the matches they choose to fish.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Jan 05, 2017  |  0 comments
The Build Up It was back to Partridge lakes today for the third round of the teams of four winter league. The weather leading up to the contest had taken a turn for the worse with a slight drop in temperature (although it still wasn't as cold as it should be for the beginning of December). The conditions had however, had a big impact on the weights that had come out recently and it had also been frozen at the start of the week, but, on the open match Saturday it had been ice-free so I was unsure on how it would fish after all the melted ice water had gone in but I was looking forward to it nonetheless. On the trip down to the fishery I was surprised to see that the canal near me had frozen over and I was half thinking that I should turn back for the ice breaker but fearing that this would make me late I decided to head on but still hoped that Partridge would be ice-free.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Dec 05, 2016  |  0 comments
Today I have been on the Stainforth & Keadby Canal in Thorne with members of the Facebook group Angling Info. I was asked by the admin team if I would do something slightly different for the guys rather than just a meetup and fish; I was asked to do a coaching session on the use of Bloodworm & Joker and for me, the Stainy is the only place to go to show it’s potential. An event on their page was created and people started booking on, on the day there were less than anticipated but to be honest that was always going to be the case due to cold weather overnight and the fact some are just unsure about using the bait as it’s unknown to many. I always look forward to fishing on here regardless of the time of year I wish I could justify fishing the winter leagues but having to work shifts limits the amount of matches I can fish.
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Tackling Big Natural Venues Match Fishing takes a road trip to bonnie Scotland, where Scottish international James Woodrow uncovers his tactics and tricks for tackling the daunting but beautiful Loch Ken… You join me today on the banks of Loch Ken, a water we regularly fish matches on here in Scotland. Some anglers are scared of this venue, while others, myself included, thrive on the buzz of fishing it. At over nine miles long it’s a colossal venue, and until very recently, legering has been the dominant way to catch fish on this vast expanse of water. In the last few years, the huge shoals of roach seem to have ventured much closer to the bank, well within reach of the waggler, pole, and even whip! Of course, there are numerous daunting match venues like Loch Ken all over the UK, and getting the tactics right to draw fish into close range and then catch them, can be difficult.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Nov 17, 2016  |  0 comments
This time of year the fishing slows right down, and commercial carp and F1s can be really tricky to catch. On one of my local venues Partridge Lakes Fishery, the method of dopping bread on the pole is working really well. It allows you to search your peg to locate pockets of fish without running the risk of over feeding. A little edge I like to use is to flavour the bread with a little of Marukyu's Super Krill Boost Juice.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Nov 08, 2016  |  0 comments
Alan Scotthorne On The Slider There are few anglers better than Alan Scotthorne on the slider float, so here’s a masterclass at Chesterfield’s Poolsbrook Reservoir with the five-time world champ! One method that always seems to arouse plenty of interest and discussion, yet you rarely see being used in England, is the slider. The single main reason why it is not widely fished is because feeder fishing is normally allowed too. You can fish a feeder effectively in almost any conditions you are faced with, whereas the slider takes a bit more effort. One thing’s for sure, though, it’s something you have to master if you ever want to represent your country! The feeder is banned in most international events and that opens the door to this brilliant float-fishing tactic.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Nov 04, 2016  |  0 comments
With the cold weather upon fishing can be that little bit harder, but as Anglers we all love a good old challenge. Thursday, I decided to have a visit to Brookside Fisheries. It's a venue I don't fish too often, the main match Lakes are stocked well with F1s, but a decided to fish a lake, called Kingfisher, this is stocked with a bit of everything. Lakes that are stocked with a variety of different speciesare always good fun this time of year, you just don't know what you are going to catch.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Nov 02, 2016  |  0 comments
International Match Fishing The License To Pull! Match Fishing takes you to Italy’s most prolific match venue, the mighty River Arno, where Steve Gardener is victories in one of the most demanding matches on the calendar… The River Arno in Pisa, Italy, is my favourite fishing venue in the world. It is totally unique by way of the species you catch and the style of fishing required to catch them. At over 100 metres wide at the narrowest point and ranging from eight to 16 feet deep, it’s not for the faint-hearted. One event on my calendar year after year is the Red Tetragon Pairs match on this venue, and this year I was lucky enough to win it with my partner, and Italian legend, Milo Colombo! The target species are predominantly catfish, ranging from 1oz to double figures! The average stamp, however, is between 8oz and 2lb, and these fish have razor sharp fins that flare up to spike you.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Oct 26, 2016  |  0 comments
Webb’s World Excuse making is Dan Webb’s topic this month, an art he is particularly accomplished in… You’ve just got home in a foul mood. You chuck your kit in the garage and kick the dog. The kids run away scared. As you crack open a cold one from the fridge the wife asks: “How did you get on today?” Why did she ask? She never asks! She finds talking about fishing as interesting as you find listening to her recall what Sharon from number 26 said to Tanya about Clare’s new hair! She most probably knows you’ve had a bad day and just wants to wind you up.
Match Fishing Staff  |  Oct 03, 2016  |  0 comments
Well, it’s certainly been a while since I last updated you with my extraordinarily exciting life. It’s amazing how I blink and months disappear. Work has been interesting to say the least and looking back I’m amazed I managed to fish the matches I have. Being so busy I pulled away from the big majors this year.