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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription Protect Your Car A rare opportunity to win one of five Rhino bootliners! Steve Ringer Steve Ringer shows how mixing old and new is the route to success on winter commercials. Rob Wootton Bomb and pellet fishing may sound like the last bastion of the scratcher, but Dynamite Baits’ Rob Wootton reckons that fished correctly it is a deadly winter match winner. Simon Wilsmore Simon Willsmore reveals how a calm and considered approach is the key to cracking commercial bream in winter. Adam Richards Adam Richards reveals his super-negative feeding approach for commercial skimmers.
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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription What’s Hot? We check out the 2019 releases from bait giant Dynamite. Shotgun Success! Chris Cameron reveals his winter feeder secrets that keep him one step ahead of the chasing pack. Win! Your chance to win a Tri-Cast Excellence waggler rod! Refine Your Tactics! Steve Ringer discusses his refined winter bream tactics that may just help you catch a few slabs when the chips are down. All The Small Things Matt Godfrey and Tom Scholey join forces to show you there is more to a simple approach than meets the eye! The Winterised Pellet Waggler! Rob Wootton lifts the lid on a simple yet hugely effective refined pellet-waggler attack.
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Match Fishing checks out the stunning range of Sphere hooks from Browning.
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With the recent influx of silver fish, Dynamite Baits’ Rob Perkins reckons there has never been a better time to pole fish the River Trent. I have been lucky enough to live within walking distance of the mighty River Trent all my life, and as a result I have witnessed the changes it’s undergone – some for better and some for worse. 
Currently, and happily, the river is in the best form it has ever been, with lots of roach, perch and dace along with all the bigger species the river holds all being found in abundance. Regarding this, methods have traditionally revolved around rod-and-line techniques; however, in recent years there has been a shift toward more pole fishing, especially as the roach and dace shoals have increased tenfold.
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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription Scale Down For Winter F1s Frankie Gianoncelli shows you how a carefully considered feeder approach can be super-effective for those winter F1s. Get Organised With Milo This is your chance to win one of the wonderful Milo Top Kit cases worth £99. 99*. A Welcome Change! We join Steve Ringer for a roach fishing session and a quick break from his Feeder Masterclass series.
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A huge launch for Dynamite last year was the Swim Stim F1 Sweet range of groundbait, pellets and pellet soaks. However, it was felt necessary to release a new Cool Water version that gives you the same texture and smell of the original with a new darker colour perfect for winter months and clear water conditions. This is an easy to mix, low feed groundbait that is perfect for F1s and silvers. It has also proven itself as a great feeder mix when targeting skimmers and bream with cage-feeder tactics.
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We check out the new and totally unique Rive R16 Carp Master to find out what makes it so different!
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Are the Horizon XD feeders the pinnacle of cage feeder design? Joe Carass thinks they could well be!
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Digital Subscription–Print Subscription Lee Kerry Lee Kerry looks to conquer Barston Lakes with an interesting set of rules to master. Steve Ringer Steve Ringer brings you his top tips for cold-water carping success. Alan Scotthorne Alan reveals the lessons and tricks his team learnt from their latest success! Up Close: Daiwa Joe Carass gets his hands on the beautiful new Tournament Pro range from Daiwa Des Shipp Des Shipp reveals his pellet fishing secrets that keep him bagging up throughout the winter. WIN A DAY WITH JOE! In this one-off competition you have the chance to win a days coaching Joe Carass.
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Lee Thornton reveals a margin approach for the modern era. Margin fishing is in a period of transition, and in this feature we are looking at modifying the way we feed and fish existing baits on commercials down the margins, to try and give you the winning edge. Groundbait and micro pellets are probably the most used baits down the edge, but fish have wised up to these tactics, making methods that used to work far less effective. This in my opinion is down to two reasons: one, the fish get used to being caught in a certain way and are conditioned to behave differently to avoid getting caught, and two, once every angler fishes in a similar way, any key defining edge is taken away, making the draw more important than before.